Remi Bridge (knee pit) FREE

Veena Apr 19, 2022
The Remi doesn't have to be the worst pain ever, if you try my method you'll be glad you did! Here's the lesson for Remi sit

Side Sit to Falling Star (Elbow and Knee) Pits

Veena Apr 20, 2022
Here's the tutorial for this combo enjoy!

Side Sit (knee and elbow) pits FREE

Veena Apr 18, 2022
Day 12 Side sit! Here's the tutorial

Gemini to Gemini Switches (Knee pit) FREE

Veena Apr 18, 2022
Day 11 Outside to outside leg switches, I call them Spinning Gemini Switches! Here's the lesson More onlookers, watching me lol

Tornado (knee pit) FREE

Veena Apr 16, 2022
Here's the tutorial for the Tornado

Side Spin (Knee pit) FREE

Veena Apr 16, 2022
Here's the tutorial for this spin

Ayesha (Elbow) Grip FREE

Veena Apr 14, 2022
Elbow grip Ayesha is my LEAST favorite grip for this move. You can see I have another person who stopped to watch lol Here's the link for the Ayesha tutorial it breaks down ALL THE GRIPS

Tumble (Knee and elbow) Pit FREE

Veena Apr 13, 2022
I don't have an official tutorial for this tumble, but I do have a little person breakdown of this move

Teddy (front armpit) FREE

Veena Apr 12, 2022
Here's a great Teddy "prep" tutorial with more explanation of grips you can try!

Roxie Spin (Elbow pit) FREE

Veena Apr 10, 2022
Such a fun spin created by a SV member many years ago. Here's the full tutorial DONT FORGET TO WATCH THE RELATED LESSONS for more help!

Elbow spin and Straight edge (elbow, knee pit) FREE

Veena Apr 10, 2022
Day 4! I'm demonstrating elbow and knee pit grips in multiple ways. Here's the Elbow doing tutorial here's the genie

FiguredHead (armpit & knee pit) grip FREE

Veena Apr 8, 2022
Here's a link for the full tutorial.

Brass Monkey (Knee pit grip) FREE

Veena Apr 7, 2022
Day 2! Brass Monkey is an Adv. level move. If you're a new pole dancer you're option is at the end! Full tutorial with multiple entries options

Side to Side (Elbow Pit grip) FREE

Veena Apr 7, 2022
Day 1 is a nice beginner level Pole Turn. If you need help with the foot placement check out the full tutorial here

4 Star Moves TAP to go full screen

Veena Mar 31, 2022
4 different Star Moves. Click the links to see the full tutorials for each. STAR SHOOTING STAR

Static pole mistakes (fixed)

Veena Apr 5, 2022
As a paid member you'll learn all of these things and a whole let more. Every spin tutorial is taught on static and spinning pole.

Day 1 How to dance with a feather boa

Veena Jan 31, 2022
Hi guys! This is day 1. If you don't have a boa at home, try using a scarf or anything long and light weight, Christmas tree garland works too. Another idea is wrapping your body in a sheet and finding new ways to slowly reveal all your glory!

Day 2 Twerking tips

Veena Feb 2, 2022
Hi guys welcome to day 2! Remember it takes time to develop the mind body connection for moving those glutes! Doing exercises that fatigue the glutes might help you "find" the muscle more easily. Squats or hip lifts are great for this see related

Day 3 DIY Sugar Scrub

Veena Feb 3, 2022
Day 3 DIY sugar scrub!! This is a simple way to treat yourself and prep your skin for pole. Feel free to use brown sugar if you like instead. Here's a list of oils that work nice for skin........ Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil,

Day 4 Wall Dancing ideas

Veena Feb 4, 2022
Wall dancing is a neat way to start working with heels because you can use the wall for support like your bestie! Push against it, caress it, slide down from it, experiment with what you can create! Try using some of the moves listed at the start of

Day 5 Find your smile

Veena Feb 5, 2022
One of the best ways to draw people into a performance is to smile and make eye contact. This takes practice, because when we're concentrating on our moves we tend to forget about our face! Plastering on a fake, toothy smile isn't the goal. It's not

Day 6 TickTock Legs

Veena Feb 6, 2022
Day 6 Tick Tock legs tips! What's the main takeaway? Keep👏 knees👏 together👏! Another big factor for tick tock legs is how much internal and external rotation of the hips you have. Try the tick tock routine

Day 7 Use your hands

Veena Feb 7, 2022
Learning how to touch your body when dancing can be awkward and something no everyone even thinks about. Explore different ways to draw attention or create interest, during a dance by using your hands. Don't forget to practice your smiles!

Day 8 Take a Selfie

Veena Feb 8, 2022
If you don't feel comfortable looking at photos of yourself. Instead wear whatever makes YOU feel sexy and dance around, with our without your pole. Taking quality photos of yourself really does require practice and a lot of trail and error. I can't

Day 9 Love notes

Veena Feb 9, 2022
Feel free to use the word YOU instead of I, for some the affirmation of the word you feels more real. You could also use your name! Keep this jar or whatever you choose to put your love notes in close to your desk, pole room, bathroom, were ever

Day 10 Lighting Ideas

Veena Feb 10, 2022
Lighting for your space can be fun and of course it sets the mood. During the day I love natural sunlight but at night moody purple lights are my favorite. Feel free to share your lighting ideas with everyone! Links of where you purchased are

Day 11 Ideas for using Props

Veena Feb 10, 2022
What is a prop? It's any item that you might perform with. You might wear it some of the time like a hat. Or you might hold it, or throw it, spit it, pour it. Use your imagination! It's meant to enhance the story of the performance. I once hosted a

Day 12 Strip down

Veena Feb 12, 2022
Stripping requires the removal of clothing, that is it! No pole or anything else is needed. A Burlesque act would be an example. Pole dancing requires a pole, that's it, we all know clothes don't have to come off to pole dance, though we need skin

Day 13 How to walk sexy

Veena Feb 13, 2022
It seems silly to practice walking as adults. Yet creating an interesting walk for dance takes practice! This link has my full Sexy walk tutorial in it with greater detail

Day 14 Ideas to decorate your pole room

Veena Feb 14, 2022
No matter the size of your space there's always an opportunity to make it feel special. Here are some more ideas. Head over to your local thrift store and see what you can find, not only saves you money but keeps items out of the dump! Old Christmas
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