Date: Apr 3, 2021
This was a 7 part series I share on my social media, I've combined it for you into one video. Feel free to share this with friends as it's FREE.
Nicolejbeckwith8690 Previous Paid MemberWOW! I emailed Veena, asking her all these questions about my insecurities just now! She replied so fast, before she sent me the link to this video! I feel so encouraged now, I really can’t thank you enough!!!
Apr 22, 2022
VeenaYay, that makes me very happy to hear. Keep me posted on your progress :)
Apr 22, 2022
I started pole dancing with Studio Veena since there wasn't a good studio around. Once in a while I did a private or a workshop, but most of the times it was Veena, my friend an I training together. I wouldn't have been where I am now without Studio Veena
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