pole climb

ashleya Previous Paid Member
Okay guys. So i've been practicing and practicing and I can't seem to get the pole climb. I can get up there and hold on for a while but i can't take another step up. So here's the thing. My sister was over the other day and she wanted to see some moves and I had my boots on... thigh highs. well i was able to climb the pole. so its my legs that are sweaty and won't let me move up. So what can i use on my legs to decrease the sweat so i can do a pole climb without my boots. LOL.
Jan 10, 2017
robinska Paid Member
Do you have any grip aid? Like Dry Hands, Itac, Mighty Grip? And squeeze squeeze squeeze!! Your legs together
Jan 11, 2017
Yes, grip is part of it so sweaty or dry skin can make climbs more challenging. If it's sweat don't use itac as that is better for dry cold skin. Try Dry hands or Might grip like Robin suggested.
Jan 11, 2017
Saphyre Paid Member
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