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DulceDivine Previous Paid Member
So, I'm not sure if it's my personality type, but I LOVE marking things off my to do lists. Like it gives me that high feeling haha (can anyone relate!?)

I'm taking another supplemental pole course with my SV lessons and I love the function of marking a lesson as complete. I was thinking to myself too how cool it would be if we had this function here, because of how amazing you are Veena at constantly adding new and improved lessons, I don't ever want to miss anything and I want to learn ALL the things, but also at the same time I can forget if I've completed a lesson or not.

Just throwing this out there, I'm obsessed with the way you teach, but also wondering if anyone else is like me and would love a function like this?

Aug 31, 2020
We love to hear the great ideas from our members and we are always thinking about what is next for StudioVeena.Com. I will make a note of this and we will evaluate it as a possible future feature.
Sep 1, 2020
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I'd like a function to list lessons as favourites, or a to-do list, like a wishlist.
Sep 1, 2020
You can favorite lessons. 😁
Sep 1, 2020
A Christina
Admittedly, I was hesitant to try this website at first because I questioned whether it could offer anything close to in studio pole instruction...but it is simply amazing. I cannot say enough good things about this website, these lessons, etc. <3
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