fractured ribs

Hey everyone.

so three days ago, i had an epileptic seizure and fell backwards, fracturing three of my ribs. It wasn't done on the pole and isn't in any way a pole related injury but it does mean for now, i cant pole at all.
its only been 3 days and naturally, i am feeling sore and in a lot of pain. Im wondering roughly how long is advisable to wait before getting back on the pole again? I have only been poling just over four weeks so this is quite a disheartening set back. Am i likely to forget everything ive learned and is there any thing i can still do while i wait on my ribs to recover?

thanks everyone, happy poling.
Feb 15, 2013 from United Kingdom
Lyme Lyte

Bummer!  There was another SV member who fractured a rib doing a pole move.....maybe she can give you some advice.  Heal soon!
Feb 15, 2013 from Grand Haven, Michigan, United States

When I broke a rib, it took 6 weeks for the pain to really subside, 8 before I was poling again, and still felt pain now and then for another month. All better now though, would never know it was ever broken. I didn't break it poling either, I fell down the stairs.
Feb 15, 2013 from Richmond, Virginia, United States

One thing that helped, was to make sure that you're breathing as deeply as you can without excruciating pain, and about 4 weeks out, just make sure you're stretching MILDLY so that your rib cage doesn't heal very tightly. Mine was starting to heal tight and I had to really expand my rib cage when breathing to maintain full mobility. Thats what my doc advised, as always, listen to a doctor :)
Feb 15, 2013 from Richmond, Virginia, United States

Rib fractures take 6-10 weeks to heal. You're young and I'm assuming you don't have osteoporosis so you'll probably heal faster (around 6 weeks). Rib fractures are very painful, your ribcage is constantly moving with breathing. It'd probably be advisable to not pole for about six weeks. I wouldn't jump right back on the pole as soon as your pain starts to diminish because you'll probably aggravate that area again. In the meantime, I'd work on isolated exercises for your legs, maybe bicep curls and the like. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Feb 15, 2013 from East Lansing, Michigan, United States
monica kay

i've broken mine at least twice- very uncomfortable and painful.

I continued to pole in spite of the breaks, i just avoided any tricks that required the pole to touch that side or required any excessive engagement of the intercostals.  I have a high tolerance for pain and am stupidly wreckless with my body.

Pretty much everything you do (breathing, laughing, blowing your nose, reaching across a table, living in general) engages or moves the muscles surrounding the ribs, so you are going to be in pain for awhile- pain that is unavoidable... you could keep up a mild practice but just try avoiding the things that cause intolerable pain.  Since you broke several ribs, your pain is most likely more intense than my experience, so you may actually have to avoid poling and really gradually return to it.

Did your doctor say to not workout?  Can you call the doctor and get his opinion?
Feb 15, 2013 from Los Angeles, California, United States
monica kay

oh- and no you will not forget all you learned! :)

you will probably surprise yourself.

OH! and another thing you can do while recovering is practice all you know in your head.  I know it sounds kind of silly, but mentally doing your spins and pointing your toes and doing head rolls really helps your physical practice.  Listen to songs and just imagine the pole dance you would freestyle or choreograph
Feb 15, 2013 from Los Angeles, California, United States

If you have a confirmed rib fracture the bones take about 6 weeks to mend....IF...a big IF you do not interfer with the mending process. Do as little as posssible to make sure that they heal the fastest..but you cannot spead up the process of how the body rebuilds and repairs the bones. You certainly can slow it way down...walking, rolling over in bed, breathing too deeply can interfer with that process...Especially in the beginning. You start back at a big 0 if you mess up the aliginment. Chill out for 1 month...then be very careful for another month. Start back on the pole in 2 months. That's if you dont mess them up in that time. 
Feb 16, 2013 from Solana Beach, California, United States
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