considering new pole, questiona about powder coat and vaulted ceiling

grayeyes Previous Paid Member
Am I correct that Lil Mynx is really the only pole manufacturer that makes a mount for a vaulted ceiling for a removable pole? I do not like stand alone poles nor do I want one up permanently since it will be in the middle of the great room.

I currently have a stainless steel Lil Mynx that's not tall enough for my new ceilings so I'm considering ordering another Lil Mynx but might go with powder coated. I have never used powder coated other than poling at the playground and I love the grip. For those with a LM powder coated can you still do at least some static spinning? Static reverse grab is one of my favorites and I would really miss it.

Lil Mynx tells me shipping a pole over 117" has to go freight (rather than FedEx) and will cost me $350. Has anyone found a clever way to ship that's not so outrageous? Lil Mynx is in California and I'm in Ohio.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Nov 30, 2018
Not sure about the rest of your questions, but xpole also sales a permanent mount

The X-Pert Permanent Mount for 40/45/50mm X-Pert Poles only with Flat or Vaulted/Slanted Ceilings.

Dec 1, 2018
grayeyes Previous Paid Member
Thanks MdawWat! I had looked at xpole but didn't read it carefully enough. I thought the vaulted ceiling mount was only for older models. I shall investigate the x-pole. :-)
Dec 2, 2018
love veena's lessons. precise, clear instructions and the break down of the moves is just brilliant. xx
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