🥂 To new beginnings!🌱

I'm excited to announce a new Pole Community! Pole Disco 🕺 [www.poledisco.com]

Think of Pole disco as a community garden, it doesn't belong to one person. It's here for all to use, and benefit from. It will take some effort and tending to by those who choose to support it. Understand it's not my website, it's everyone's.

Soon I'll create our own little space, a Studioveena group, on Pole Disco, for anyone to join. In the future, this group will replace the Discussions here. Trust me, it will be more fun. You can reply with gifs, video, photo and uploads are really easy. You can even chat one on one, in real time just like other social platforms.

Don't worry, my tutorials are here to stay, Studioveena.com isn't going anywhere! It will be getting a facelift in the future, and it will continue to be the premier learning resource.

I know change doesn't sit well with everyone. But for now, relax, and know there are no changes happening to SV for awhile, you'll have time to adjust.

Back to Pole Disco and all of it's possibilities!

For years we've struggled with the policing of our bodies, and movements on social platforms. It's difficult to keep track of friends, or brands we love. We spend time, and energy fighting algorithms to see, and be seen. Pole Disco will do away with all the "fight". It's time to relax and party! 🎊

Who can join?
Pole students.
Burlesque performers.
Pole goodies and gift makers.
Pole Merchants.
Pole Instructors.
Pole related content creators.
Traveling pole professionals.
Those who host pole challenges and contests.
Owners of pole websites, blogs and tutorial creators!

With all my heart, I THANK YOU, for your support over the past 15 years. I'll see you all at [www.poledisco.com]

Please let me know if you have any questions 💜
Jun 17, 2023
medeatheraven1992 Paid Member
* Screams * my excitement !
Jun 17, 2023
I just finished creating a studioveena group for us! [www.poledisco.com]
Jun 17, 2023
Katzenbaerle Paid Member
Awesome idea! 🥰🥰🥰
Jun 17, 2023
Jun 17, 2023
hookedonpole Paid Member
Account finally set up! :)
Jun 20, 2023
Samantha B
Thank you thank you! Foam roller + your stretches and I got my middle splits!!! Even as a little girl I could never do them but now I got em!!!
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