I’ve just started poling. Can’t lift myself much yet. Problem is, I’m worried about how I look as I’d describe my bottom half as ‘skinny fat’. My top half is toned and my bottom half saggy, loose and dimply. I was practicing chair sits and spins and was horrified at my reflection. It’s getting me down. I’ll never look great on a pole. I look dumpy and awkward
Dec 30, 2020
I’m on day 5. Haven’t had any longer than an hour per day so far and only half hour some days.
Dec 30, 2020
Karen DJ Paid Member
You can practice for an hour already on day 5!?! What?? I'm just getting in after a several month hiatus and I'm happy with 20 minutes! Wow. You got some good stamina going for you, which is one of the main things you need for poling. I cannot wait to hear how you feel after 30 days!
Dec 30, 2020
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Hi! The more you practise lifting yourself (and other strength exercises), the better it will get.
Don't worry about how you look. Some moves look better on some and other moves on other people. The more you pole the more your confidence will grow (or the more you stop caring what other people think XD )
Dec 30, 2020
Hi Laura! Are you following one of the programs here and you're one day 5? or is it just the 5th day you've tried pole dance? Either way congrats! As the girls said, doing things where you hold your body weight is a big deal. Building up the strength you need to hold yourself takes weeks, or months. Keep working on the lessons in order, or use a program to help you with strength building.

We all look different and move differently. That's good! We tend to see the things nobody else will ever notice or care about. Our own worst critic! Pole can transform not only your physic but also how you view yourself as a whole. Keep at it and think of how amazing your body is because soon you'll be able to hold your body weight! Not everyone can say that!

PS I've been pole dancing over 12 yrs and I don't do pole work and tricks for more than an hour. It's hard work :)

Dec 30, 2020
monica kay Previous Paid Member
my skin does some disturbing stuff on the pole. i've learned to laugh about it... Once I was in a class with an awesome pole teacher who was in her late 50's and she would do cross ankle laybacks and tell everyone to look at how her inner thighs looked like shriveled old labias. She thought it was funny and that was so liberating for me. (and now i know what shriveled old labias might look like HAHAHAHAH) Veena's right- we ARE our own worst critics.
Dec 31, 2020
Kellye Perkins
Thanks to your site I am stronger than I ever was, even when I was in the Army after basic training and jump school!!!
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