X-pole Expert spinning pole for sale $250

Hi, I have an Expert X-pole for sale..basically new (it might have 20 mins use on it). Purchased few years back.
Located in Ohio between Dayton/Cincinnati.
Feb 8, 2021
What is the thickness? 40 mm or 45?
Feb 10, 2021
It is a 45mm
Feb 11, 2021
genakoelker2493 Previous Paid Member
Would you ship it?
Feb 19, 2021
It is really heavy.... would be expensive to ship
Feb 20, 2021
Did you already sell this?
Aug 28, 2021
donnalee Paid Member
I just recently signed up for the your lessons and love them. I already own several DVD sets such as Felix & Jamilla. Those are wonderful as well, but I must state that I love your longer explanations and demonstrations plus the written info that appears.
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