X-pole Expert spinning pole for sale $250

Hi, I have an Expert X-pole for sale..basically new (it might have 20 mins use on it). Purchased few years back.
Located in Ohio between Dayton/Cincinnati.
25 days ago
lunnmaiko7056 Previous Paid Member
What is the thickness? 40 mm or 45?
23 days ago
It is a 45mm
23 days ago
genakoelker2493 Paid Member
Would you ship it?
14 days ago
It is really heavy.... would be expensive to ship
13 days ago
sharon5star Paid Member
30 day take off. Wow did day 7 .fractured my left ulnar of elbow 2 years ago . Could not make fist with my left hand. I wish had these hand exercise 2 years ago. They are great thanks Veena :)
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