Why keep your pole clean?

Hi everyone!
Is there any benefits to keeping your pole clean? Such as will a clean pole improve grip for instance? Does it help improve the pole's life time? If it's dirty will it chip easier?

I know it's probably a silly question but I'm curious as to if there are any benefits, or if its just for hygiene reasons.

Feb 25, 2018
Some people stick better to a clean pole.. Oils and sweat can make a pole slippery. Personally I'm a pretty dry poler, and I like things a little grimey for better grip. Haha. :) I do wipe it from time to time... So it's not like I NEVER do, But as far as I know there aren't any long term benefits to pole cleaning.
Feb 25, 2018
StrangeFox Paid Member
Good question! I've always wondered this myself, because I prefer a "dirty" pole...lol! :)

I tend to be pretty dry, too, and I like the extra grime. It depends on the pole finish, too. My chrome I tend to clean more often, and my brass I always leave a little grime-y. I also feel like there's a point where too much grip aid, etc... gets built up on the pole and I have to clean it because it's a little slippery.

Whenever I have to give my pole a clean with Brass-O or some other harsher metal cleaner, I find my pole is super slippery...like I can't even pole sit. It always takes a while for grip to return to normal.
Feb 25, 2018
Some like it dirty some like it clean. I think the advice about clean your pole is more for back in the day when grip aids were not so prevalent and about not wearing lotion or oil that could make it slick! Like others have said depending on skin type, pole finish and environment you might prefer a dirty pole. Clean poles can be nice for some skin types tho!

StrangeFox, I also have the worst time gripping my brass after cleaning it to a shine with brasso....so annoying! I only us brasso about once a year. I really like steaming my poles if I find they just need a cleaning. [www.youtube.com]
Feb 26, 2018
RoMo Previous Paid Member
I'm super sweaty and super slippery so I'm ALWAYS cleaning mine. I use window cleaner or alcohol on chrome finish. I usually forget to do the bottom and find my cat leaves little hearts on my pole with his nose on the bottom few inches. :)
Feb 27, 2018
My TG X-Pole corroded because of, what I expect, not cleaning it properly, but I may be wrong. My ex boyfriend noticed some spots appear on the bottom of my B part of the pole, I took pics, sent them to X-Pole. They confirmed it was corrosion and sent me a brand new pole :) Maybe it was just a batch that was not of good quality, but after that I take care of my pole with much love, I'm not taking any more chances.
Oct 5, 2018
I like my pole like I like my men and martinis: just a little dirty. 😘
Oct 6, 2018
monica kay
i like my pole a teeny bit dirty. however, there have been times where it is too dirty and when i slide down, i can feel particles of old grip sprinkling down onto me! ew gross- and what if it gets in my eye?! so yah- occasionally i like to start fresh and get all the old crusties off
Nov 10, 2018
Phoenix Hunter Paid Member
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