I've been dying my hair black, black blue, black red etc for over 12 years & decided to try something lighter so i stupidly let my sister in law who said she knew what she was doing to bleach it blonde but its gone a horrible orange & i dont know what to do, i cant afford a professional & dont want to go dark again, my hairs in good condition, can i try bleaching it myself to get it any lighter, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
Aug 14, 2013
Everyone is going to tell you to go to a salon. As for me, if you have hair color deposited, bleach won't necessarily lift it. I'd use something like Oops color remover to remove the deposited color. Then I'd wash it about 3 times and condition it like crazy with protein fillers and keratin. Theres a brand of powder bleach called prism lights, its really good for lightening without having to use a toner. I think the blue would be better than purple if your hair is really orangey. If it is more yellowy, use the purple kind. Depending on your hair, and how light you want to go, you can use a 30 or 40 vol developer (20 if you want to keep it very minimal and you can use minimal time and what not) Thats what I do with mine and its an awesome awesome blonde, and its nice and soft too. A few broken hairs, but thats what I get for dabbling so much lol. If after you lighten it, it is still too brassy, go for a really really blue/purple toner to lay overtop. Good luck!!!! And condition like crazy! I like Paul Mitchel repair, Hask Henna Placenta leave in (the extra damaged kind, or the with olive oil kind) The Hask Henna Placenta hair mask is good too. ApHogee two step protein infusion is a pain in the butt but it is the absolute best restorative there it. You wash, put the gunk in, and blow it dry without moving it, it hardens into a crisp, then you gently wash it out and condition. Hair is a zillion times better after. I love this stuff too, available most places: [www.organixhair.com] They have a Moroccan Argan Oil line thats good too. 
Aug 14, 2013
I've done hair for five years - and color oops will probably melt your hair off at this point. You will have to settle for a medium brown and gradually lighten it, depending on the integrity and health of your hair. I suggest going to a salon as well :/
Aug 14, 2013
Welcome to trying to lighten heavily dyed black hair - the red/orange colour is just what happens to most of us.

I would agree with Misspolejava (from seeing it happen a number of times) - with your hair having had so much colour in it for so long, bleaching it to blonde in one hit is a bit much of an ask, and to do much more to it now could give you a chemical haircut. Also as Dwiizie said - bleach may not even lift the colour you have in your hair. I would suggest getting a rinse (I don't know if that is what they are called where you are) - ie, a non-permanent die (they say I think 8-10 washes on the pack? Can't remember) with no ammonia, in a brown colour you aren't adverse to, and then let your hair settle down before gradually taking it blonder, with either a salon or with Dwiizie's recommendations - but wait, or you may end up with a very short hair style and mush in your hands. Lots of conditioner!
Aug 14, 2013
Thank you, i looked at the colour removers & strippers we have here (im in uk) & from what they said on the box about it wont work on high fashion colours like black blue etc i thought they'd be pointless so just bleached it, its only ever been bleached that one time & my hair is in good condition so im certain i wont end up with a chemical hair cut, i just dont understand how you'd/me would know if me bleaching it again will lighten it or not, i also thought colour strippers/removers wouldnt work after bleaching.
Aug 14, 2013
Color removers shrink pigments and when you wash the hair, it takes the dark pigments out, but it leaves little "color holes" behind in your hair, which makes it porous and more likely to take color. Bleaching just eats out the little color molecules, but it isn't designed to work with color that isn't naturally occurring in your hair. If you bleached black hair, you may have lightened the whole bit, but some of the color may still be deposited and is just bleached to orangey molecules, rather than leaving molecules empty. Bleaching again may very well only take you to where you already are but damage it further. If you are certain you want to do this on your own, and you don't want to use a pigment remover, you could try bleaching with a stronger mixture, but I'm not sure I would do that if it was me. The color removers won't make promises on very dark colors because its a LOT of pigment to remove. The remover, at any point, will simply do its best to take out the unnatural color molecules. If you think the bleaching did that and you're working with natural pigmentless hair (which IS typically orange, as seen on natural redheads) you can go straight for the bleach and pay attention to how many levels lighter you want to go (or, if its light enough but just orange, you can see if you can neutralize it with some blue toner) There really is no way to predict the results with hair thats been processed a lot without a strand test or some trial and error. You have to consider that even dark dyes still use ammonia to bust open your hair follicle, possibly peroxide to take out some natural color, and they deposit super dark molecules into the strand. Then when you condition you just smooth the strand as much as possible locking that molecule in. So your hair, if you've been dying black black/blue reddish/black for a while, has more damage to it than just this one shot bleach job.
Aug 14, 2013
Note: I am NOT a stylist, and some stylists would cringe reading what I wrote, everything I know I know from experimenting for the past 15 years, studying hair structure and how dyes and things work, and talking to stylists. Sometimes I cheat a little and go get a haircut with HORRIBLE color and the stylists usually can't help but tell me all I've done wrong. I take notes and go home and fix it (sorry stylists, I can't afford you, you're worth every penny, but I don't have every penny) If all goes to hell, you can always go super short and bleach the hell out of it and work your way down the color scale. SO much easier to go darker than lighter >.<
Aug 14, 2013
Another awesome option, if it appeals to you, is to go for a fire orange or bright red manic panic style dye. Itl take because of the bleach and it will just blend with whats there giving you funky hair. Then you can overlay blue to get purple and stuff. But thats a whooole different mode than trying to go blonde...
Aug 14, 2013
chemgoddess1 Paid Member
Not to add too much but first, the hair also could not have processed long enough.  TYpically if you have very dark hair it will take 2 liftings but they need to be done several days apart.  It is hard to get out of the orange hair stage to get to the yellow in just one bleaching.  I will also taut the magic properties of ApHogee.  It is stinky, it is messy, it takes forever but I have brought my hair back from rubber band damage to being healthy.  

If you are thinking of coloring at this point I would do a protein treatment and use a filler with the color.

I am also not a stylist, just a chemist who has done all sots of fun damage to her hair over the years.
Aug 14, 2013
wow thank you but im even more confused now, from what i can understand i should be trying a colour remover (was toold not to use this after bleaching) the bleach i used was russele jerome bblonde powdwer & a 40 vol developer & i used all 4 sachets & bottles at once(my hairs very long)  & left it on for 60 mins the max the box said & i did my roots last like told.

i dont want to dye again unless i have to, just need rid of the orange, even my kids are calling me carrot top lol

im in the uk & haven't heard of these ones your all mentioning

Aug 14, 2013
is a pigment remover a colour stripper or remover & which is best for use after you've messed up & already bleached it to orange please?
Aug 14, 2013
this is the main dye i use Schwarzkopf Live XXL Cosmic Blue or cyber purple & mystic violet & i reckon its the cosmic blue thats still there now orange as its practically black a dark rich black too

this is what i've found which would yu recommend

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

Removes dark tones and build up

As seen on TV

Remove colour the safe and easy way

UK's 1st commercial remover

Use to remove any unwanted hair colour

Removes permanent and semi permanent hair colour

Removes colour build up

Includes unique conditioning buffer to strengthen and condition your hair

Safe and gentle with no ammonia or bleach

Can be used before any colour treatment

Use before any salon visit

We all know it's easy to change the colour of your hair but harder to change it back

Here's the easier way, ColourB4™ removes hair colour at home.

Simply comb in, wait (up to 60 minutes) and rinse away and your hair is free of colour without using ammonia or bleach

Contains unique conditioning buffer to strengthen and condition your hair.

ColourB4™ Extra is ideal for the removal of multiple colour applications or unwanted shades like Dark Tones & Colour Build up (e.g. Dark Brown Black & Red)

Why Use Conditioning Buffer?

Prevents reoxidation allowing immediate re colour

Helps strengthen your hair

Provides deep conditioning

For lighter to mid tones use ColourB4™ Regular

this is what i think i should use now
Aug 14, 2013
or is it this one

Decolour Hair Colour Stripper

Previously a treatment only available in salons, Decolour Stripper uses a safe, gentle pigment removal powder to remove both natural and artificial colour pigments.

Taking less than and hour, this unique formula creates a lighter base which can be effectively and immediately recoloured. It’s an ideal method if you want to change dark hair to blonde or red, or simply achieve a lighter brunette result than your current shade.


Decolour Stripper uses an ultra kind lightener with no ammonia and contains the lowest levels of peroxide found in a lightening produ

Precision conditioning ‘non-drip’ cream allows you to effectively apply to the roots with ease.

Unique Decolour Stripper formula ensures hair cuticle and internal fibres are not damaged or destroyed.

Hair can be effectively re-coloured immediately after the stripping process is complete

Unique formula protects hair lipid levels and retains hair condition.

Can be used twice in succession on very dark base to ensure effective transition to a lighter or blonde shade.


Full instruction leaflet included in the box- A SKIN TEST SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT 48 HOURS PRIOR TO USING THIS PRODUCT
Aug 14, 2013
theres also this one

Decolour Hair Colour Remover

Decolour Hair Colour Remover is a safe way to remove all types of permanent and semi-permanent hair colour without lightening or changing your natural hair colour.

No ammonia, bleach or peroxide.

Simply apply, develop and in less than an hour rinse away any unwanted colour or reverse the effect of build-up resulting from frequent colouring

Decolour Remover uses the latest technology to safely and effectively 'shatter' the colour molecule rather than just ‘shrink’ it. Hair requires minimal rinsing and has a reduced risk of re-oxidisation

Removes artificial colour pigments without changing the underlying natural hair colour

Decolour Remover precision conditioning cream allows you to effectively apply to specific areas, the ‘non-drip’ formula and ensures hair isn’t damaged during the colour pigment removal.

Works for all types of colour removal from incorrect tone to heavy black colour build up.

Unique formula protects hair lipid levels and retains hair condition.

Will not lighten hairbase shade.

Aug 14, 2013
By the sounds of things, the amount of money and trouble you'll go to to fix it yourself will probably surpass what you would pay a professional :(
Aug 14, 2013
probably but i also have 4 kids 3 dogs a husband & a house to look after so time is hard to, i do it of an evening while they in bed, no salon round here is ever open after 7 at the latest so i dont have much choice

which of the above 3 would be best i think the extra strenght colour remover but is it worth it or will it not wrk as i've already bleached
Aug 14, 2013
Same happened to me my hair went orange I was pissed oh well I said I went back to black and I had ti condition my hair really well cuz it was very damaged
Aug 15, 2013
Don't forget you can always do strand tests to see what will and will not work before putting something new on the entire head.

If you can stand being orange for a bit I also think gradual bleaching is better so in between you can do protein and deep conditioning. Maybe bleach once a week or once every two weeks until you have the right shade of blonde.

Aug 15, 2013
To me, the last one looks like the best one. If you apply color after removing pigments, your hair will take the color much darker. An "Ash Blonde" will come out "Grey Brown" so be careful with that. The color lift you used the first time can probably be used again in a couple of weeks after you have time to nourish your hair. The real factor is: If there is pigment in your hair that is artificial, you need to remove it. After that you can bleach, redye, or leave in brassy mode. If you feel confident you have the pigment out, use the same lift as before with a LOT of blue purple tone and hope for it to lighten more (basically what chemgoddess said). Strand test if in doubt. If it were MY head, I would use Decolour Hair Colour Remover, and then condition like crazy to get my head healthy, and then I would use a regular bleach/color lift like you did the first time, and condition and healthify like crazy, and pray for my hair. I would NOT leave that 40 vol lift stuff on for 60 minutes though. I would go for 30-40 and then rinse. If its not light enough at that point you can try again in a few more weeks, but 60 minutes is killer if its anything like the prismlites powder bleach/40 volume devolper mix I use here in the US. I am going from natural dark brown hair and I lift it to platinum silver whitish in just 35 minutes. Any more than that and it starts breaking off. I also do my head in two stages to keep it even, i pull the top back and do the whole process on the bottom, then when its dry I do the whole process on just the top, making corrections if the underneath isn't quite what I wanted. Try using google or whatever to try and understand how hair and color works and you'll be better informed to make your decisions if the salon is really out for you (I know how that is, its the case for me, thats why I am willing to just share my experience, but can make no guarantees.)
Aug 15, 2013
Phoenix Hunter
I am not a hair professional, but I have went from dyed black to platinum blonde 3 times in my life. My hair is naturally red. I used bleach and had to use it several times(CArefully!) to get enough lift, then used a blonde toner to get the shade of blonde I wanted. I have used a color remover before and my hair broke off. Plus it didnt remove hardly any color at all. Bleach your roots last. bleach processes faster close to the scalp due to body heat. Your safest bet right now would be to tone your hair to a light brown with a semi permanent hair color. Later on you can go lighter after much conditioning and trimming. If you are like me, you will bleach it again. It will lighten even more but you will have to tone it with a semi permanent color. If your hair is orange you will need to tone it to a light brown shade. if your hair is yellow-orange you can probably tone it to a dark blonde,  yellow- tone it to a light or medium blonde shade.Aphogee has a hair repair kit that works wonders. someone mentioned this before me. Get it!  What color are you trying to achieve?
Aug 24, 2013
Phoenix Hunter
Yes, try to wait about a week in between bleachings. conditioning in between time with something like Aphogee.  you just need to bleach more. the danger with bleaching is that you sometimes need to bleach 2-3 times but bleaching makes your hair weaker and weaker. you must check your  while you are bleaching it. it's a risk but it can be done.
Aug 24, 2013
Phoenix Hunter
I like Wella Color Charm bleach, but it is powerful. it works fast
Aug 24, 2013
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Dec 10, 2013
I had the same issue but from only dyeing it black once. I ended up with Marilyn Monroe blonde roots and Cheeto orange for the rest. I bought an ash hair dye color and put that over it and it worked. I had called a salon and asked them and they said the ash colors will help cancel out the orange tones.
Dec 10, 2013
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Dec 18, 2013
Black is the hardest to get out, i managed to do it but i did it slowly over about 3 months time, give it backs in between of at least 2 weeks, do not put brown over it! It will go back to black i made that mistake too! Get a purple base bleach it helps take away orange tones...but do breaks so you don't break all your hair off
Jan 7, 2014
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Feb 27, 2014
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Apr 9, 2014
Crystal glaze
I don't know anything about the coloring aspect but if you start to get worried about damage soak it in non refined organic coconut oil overnight....it will do wonders for damage.
Apr 9, 2014
It would have been best to use color remover first and then to bleach it. I would recommend going to a professional because if you bleach it again, your hair might turn into a mush and you will have to cut it- speaking from experience. They will likely have you wait a week to attempt to fix it. How light were you wanting to go? If you want to tweak the orange, you will need blue violet base color (they counteract the orange). I would still recommend seeking professional. I am so sorry. I have went through the same thing and it was stressful. Keep us posted and best of luck. M
May 30, 2014
Hey limien..This is not a place to advertise and spam the forum selling phone cases. Just saying..
Jun 6, 2014
I had the same problem.
I eventually bought 2 boxes of colour remover from home bargains £3.89 each.
I applied them both the same day
After 3 days I applied my usual blonde dye and once I'd done that I applied a toner to achieve the blonde shade I wanted. All went well.
Hope u get sorted soon
Jun 8, 2022
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