Stretching before pole

rozaliev5183 Paid Member
Ive come aware that stretching after pole strength and dancing is crucial. What kind of stretching's should i do prior?
Dec 7, 2020
Stretching before pole is ok, but not always needed. However, make sure you're not doing flexibility training as that is more intense and can cause problems with joint stability if you're working on strength based tricks.

For the most part if you've done a proper warm up you won't need to stretch, the exception might be if you have an existing injury or super tight areas that need extra care. Warm up is the most important thing to do before pole. Never stretch cold muscles, there's no point and it can cause injury.
Dec 7, 2020
donnalee Paid Member
I just recently signed up for the your lessons and love them. I already own several DVD sets such as Felix & Jamilla. Those are wonderful as well, but I must state that I love your longer explanations and demonstrations plus the written info that appears.
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