Stiff as a Board

PoleDreamer86 Paid Member
I want to work on my flexibility but I don't know exactly how and where to start. A back bend and split are two poses that I would really love to master. Any tips on how to accomplish them and approximately how long it'll take.
13 days ago
LatinPoler Paid Member
Take it slow, you may want to follow Veena's flexibility program. It's key to be consistent with training, at least 3-4 days a week once you get used to it, less at the beginning (1-2 times). Always warm up very well, I like doing my flexibility sessions at the end of my home poling sessions. Sometimes I even do a second warm up if I feel I need it, for example, if I have been training upper body and I want to do the splits. Your timing question does not have an answer, everybody is different and responds different to training, also your background, age, etc. has an impact. It took me about 6 months to have a flat split on my good side but I was not very far away, maybe 3-5 inches or so. Besides Veena's programs, I like Fit and Bendy - Get Bent DVD.
13 days ago
It took me about 8 months to have a flat split on my good side, and I was not very flexible to begin with. I did not stretch consistently, but I did pole dance almost every day.
13 days ago
PoleDreamer86 Paid Member
Thanks so much. I guess you're right, it's all about consistency. When I walk into the pole studio a feeling that I can't explain takes control of me, and I want to do everything that I see everyone else doing. Then I have to remind myself that I a newbie and with time and practice I'll get there. But when I get home I lose all motivation and then I see you all and my fire is reignited.
13 days ago
Hi! There's no set timeline as far as how long it should or will take a person to do splits or back bends. Both of these take time and most of all consistency, but that doesn't mean training heavy every day!!!! You need rest days to see improvement. As mentioned try my 30 days to flexy program, this includes the whole body and tells you when to rest and gives you tips everyday too.
12 days ago
travelerunderstars4916 Paid Member
I have been working on my splits for a year and a half! When I first started stretching I couldn't touch my toes. Now I'm about 5 inches from the floor and for me that is a huge victory! Don't forget to celebrate the small victories because it can be a long and discouraging process. Make sure you warm up a ton that was holding me back for a while until I figured out I wasn't as warm as I thought I was. And when you get your goals show pictures so we can all celebrate!
12 days ago
I been stretching my splits for the longest time. But lack of knowledge i Guess in the beginning is what took me sooo unbelivable long. hehe. So following a program i Guess would be really helpfull. I tore my hamstrings in both legs, så after that i learned all about the Things going on in the legs and stuff. :P But what really helped me, was to do really good stretching for the pancake first and then do the splits. and stretching for an over split, just to get my normal split. i dont think i would have gotten the normal one if i didnt. But for me it was alot in the hips, so doing the overstretching really got a good stretch in there. good Luck :D hope you get there soon!
12 days ago
PoleAdventures Paid Member
I found out for me that flowy stretching like in yoga helps me a lot better than ever do the same static streching. I use a lot the vidoes from Adee like this: []
She has a lot of different splits videos and I do 4 times a week one of them. I'm on my splits since december 2015 and now on my good side I'm not far from the ground :)
Oh an foam rolling helps a lot too!
11 days ago
omg i got this after 3days of practice. doesn't hurt as much anymore and i can hold hold for a lot longer now. thanks veena. your tutorials are awesome!
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