Sticky leggings recommendations

PoleAdventures Paid Member
Hi Veeners

Because my sticky leggings are broken, I'm looking for new ones. I had the ones from Cleo the Hurricane, the shiny pvc ones.
What leggings do you have? Some good recommendations?
Nov 3, 2021
This video has links to all the Sticky leggings I've tried. []
a month ago
PoleAdventures Paid Member
Ohhhh nice, thank you so much! 😘😘💜
a month ago
xlumintionx Paid Member
Just bought an amazon pair to try!
a month ago
I polekat I
I bought a pair of the proper expensive ones (paradise chick leopard pattern) and I found they weren't all that grippy.... I then found a cheap pair of wet look leggings at a boot sale for £1 and they are great haaaaha! Plus I won't mind when they get torn up 😂
a month ago
PoleAdventures Paid Member
Thanks for all the recommendations! I have another pair of paradise chick, a leopard print. They are great for the "sticky-ness" but I don't like that they are highwaisted. It looks like all the brand ones are a bit high waisted.
I think I will look at amazon. What did you search for? Just wet look leggings or sticky leggings? What material are they made of? Is everything "wet-looked" working with the pole, no matter the material?
a month ago
The amazon ones are high wasted as well. Yes anything that will actually grip the pole will need to be that "wet look" PVC fabric.
a month ago
aida kaidnz Paid Member
I have ones from Superfly honey...they were super expensive and they sre very grip. The only but is I bought the wrong size so is very uncomfortable for me to use them. I live in Europe so was expensive to send back because of wrong size. But if you are looking for very grip Leggings I can suggest mines. I also bought a few wet look very cheap and same grip and others not.

Hope it was helpful.

pic legend:
beiges are Superfly honey (I sell it if anyone have interest)
blacks are wet look grips
greens are wet look don't grip
3 days ago
Ninalina Previous Paid Member
I find the best sticky leggings are the Creatures of XIX! They stick well and fit fabulous. They’re lighter and easier to put on than Superfly Honey and don’t have that bulky feel. I have a light blue and a red pair. I don’t recommend getting the Creatures of XIX leopard prints though, I have a red leopard pair that has no grip and I’ve heard from others they have the same issues. But the solid colors from this brand are great.
7 hours ago
This plan is exactly what I needed to properly prepare my body for this. I can't thank you enough!
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