Sticky leggings by paradise chick don't work??!

Rock n pole
Hello, I received a pair of paradise chick superhero sticky leggings. Just tried them on the pole but they don't stick at all. But reviews say they do. I have both a chrome and powder coated pole and they stick to neither.
Does anyone else have these leggings and do they work? Thank you x
9 days ago
I have a pair of their other leggings not the superhero. They are not super grippy on any finish, but I was under the impression that was intentional. I thought that the superhero were suppose to be far more grippy though, so that's frustrating to hear!! Superfly are real grippy but they don't fit me well :(
6 days ago
annesophiechen5445 Paid Member
I have a pair of paradise chick superhero and they are grippy but not very much. I also have a pair of Gecko grip leggings and they are very grippy: you'll have to choose them very tight. Mine are slightly too big for me, so I'll slide down out of them in an inverted crucifix!
a day ago
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