Sticky Legging Success!

PrettyPoleNinja Paid Member
Thank you, thank you Veena for your excellent suggestion of these grippy leggings from Amazon! I really appreciated your straightforward review of the different pairs you can purchase. It was more of a want than a need, but I was hoping to find a decent pair to protect skin from existing bruises. As much as I prefer the skin on pole contact, just having these bad boys in my arsenal of pole gear is tremendously helpful. I had heard mixed opinions about Superfly Honey pants and most of them were not especially in favor of their product. I saw many videos of people showing that the grippy stuff wearing off and even the color of the pants staining the actual pole 😱 I'm kinda disgusted they sell these things at such expensive prices. But the pair from Amazon are perfect! Such great quality and fit, I only wish I had these things when I used a chrome pole! More importantly, the company who makes them must've listened to all the product reviews, bc there was NO SMELL WHATSOEVER! Anyone who's in the market for sticky legging, search no further...💜
Aug 8, 2021
Thank you Veena for giving me opportunity to realise my dream - pole dancing!
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