Spinning pole

jaques Paid Member
Where to buy a good spinning pole for home use? I would like to be able to put it up and take down by myself. Any suggestions? I’m only starting day 10 so I have some time before I’m ready to buy it. But I’m anxious, I feel confident I will get there with this program.
11 days ago
Hi! What kind of pole do you have now? 😊

Xpole, lupit, lil mynx and Platinum Stages are the main pole companies. The only one I haven't tired is a Lupit pole.
11 days ago
jaques Paid Member
I have a Mipole, I’ve had it for years, it’s finally getting used so far so good I guess. But I have no experience to compare it too. I’ll check out the sites you mentioned, I can’t wait until I’m strong enough for the spinning pole. I am truly enjoying this journey.
10 days ago
litlbit Paid Member
An absolute must whether your an at home poler, a studio student, instructor, and or owner!! I subscribe yearly!!!
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