Resistance band for pole

quancutie23 Paid Member
Ladies I just bought an amazing resistance band for pole but not a lot of videos on youtube showing you how to use it. Veena have you seen the videos and do you think it will help with strength
Dec 21, 2020
I have seen these, I have them! This style of band is more for assisting you in deadlift style moves. With it being so thick and heavy it's not meant for strength work but holding body weight. So you'd put it around a thigh and work on Iron X or lifts, as one example. If you bought the set you can use the thinner (red I think is the color) for strength work. But the really thick ones are to hold body weight.

These are great for strength work and I use a similar set in the strength and conditioning lessons[]

Here's a video I made for you. []
Dec 21, 2020
Spooky Cactus Previous Paid Member
Over the course of this past year, I gained a lot of weight and lost my strength due to the pandemic and struggling through a PhD program. Finding StudioVeena reignited my confidence and passion. I'm so grateful for this amazing resource, thank you!
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