Problem with Xpole Xpert

PoleMorgana Previous Paid Member
Recently I bought Xpole Xpert, the installation gave me problems because the xjoint hole was uneven, but finally after a lot of trying I managed to install it.
Now what happens to me is that when it is in rotary mode the bar makes some very strange noises and almost does not rotate, to the point that it stops only when raising a hand or a leg. The noise is increasing and it is already static.
I have contacted Xpole and they still haven't answered me.
Has it happened to you? Have you ever had that problem?
Thank you
Oct 18, 2019
monica kay
what you are describing has never happened to me, however there have been studios that had poles that made a loud scrapey or grindey noise. there was a pole at choreography house that made those noises for awhile and a pole at bespun that made the same noise. I do not know what caused it nor do I know what they did to make it stop (i am not being very helpful here... sorry lol) but people would use them no problem (not me tho :D )
anyway- anytime i have ever called xpole, someone is always available for help, so i am surprised you havent heard from them... altho your post is a week old as i write this, so maybe you can update?
let us know what happens.
Oct 25, 2019
PoleMorgana Previous Paid Member
In two days they answered me from Xpole. They have to send a new foot (base) to stop making that noise and can rotate normally.
I have not received it yet, but I hope it is solved.
Thank you very much for your attention and Xpole's customer service works quite well.
Thank you!
Oct 25, 2019
TheMomNextDoor Previous Paid Member
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