Powder coating - PRICE?

Hi! Has anyone had their Chrome pole powder coated? I'm guessing the Chrome layer should be removed first..can anyone tell me about their own experience and how much did you pay for this? Thank you! :)
Nov 22, 2018
Chrome is a coating it self. You do not want to put 1 coating on top of a different type coating, it could crack. Cauae an allergic reaction, flake thru and or bubble when in oven for power coating.
Nov 25, 2018
I had a xpole brass powder coated and it worked great! Google motorcycle paint shops, they had the best prices I found and a lot of fun color options. Just let them know what you are needed coated and they can help you. I'm pretty sure they can deal with the chrome and remove it before applying the PC.
Nov 25, 2018
You are definitely THE BEST at making pole tutorials. Your explanations are SO thorough!
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