Pole room - Mood lighting!

bonniemayemay1316 Previous Paid Member
Hi there! My name is Bonnie. New(ish) to Veena - I was on here years ago a while back. I'm getting back into pole after doing just aerial silks/lyra for a while. :)

I have a nice X-pole in my room (yay!) but I'm wondering about good lighting for taking pole vids/photos in my room. The lighting feels very meh to me. Is there anything you all recommend? Whether just good lighting for pole vids, cool light effects (like strobes, projectors) etc that are affordable for a regular-sized bedroom?

Appreciate your input! And my apologies if this has been covered before. Thanks for your advice. :)

Mar 18, 2019
Hi! Strobes or anything flashing or dark will not translate well into video, if the whole video is flashing and dark it's not fun to watch. Those lights are better for in person dances, but even then I'm not a fan of flashing lights.

For video, I like full sun, spot light, or even a lighting strip or wall of light is nice. A nice set of photography lights are great too, and I use them for my IG challenges and lessons.
Mar 19, 2019
bonniemayemay1316 Previous Paid Member
Thanks for the tips Veena. :) I will do some googling!
Mar 20, 2019
TropicalVertical Previous Paid Member
The rotator cuff stuff is exactly what my chiro told me to do: he is going to be so happy I'm looking after my shoulders and building strength safely on both sides :)
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