Pole diary

Jihaleh Paid Member
Does any keep a pole progress diary? Im thinking of starting one but Id love to see some of yours for inspiration 😁
Oct 22, 2019
Sammy Sparkles
Basically uploading pictures to FB and IG is my progress diary!
Oct 27, 2019
I love my pole journal! I started one way back in 2011 and love how it chronicles my routines and milestones as a dancer. Having something printed and offline so to speak, still appeals to the analogue person in me. Digital content is really not yours to own anymore, and could be taken down at anytime if platforms close. It's also great to be able to draw costume ideas, print flyers for comps you entered, or add captions to photos about your pole journey. There are pics of my pole journal here - [melnutter.com] and [melnutter.com]
15 days ago
monica kay
I started one in 2011 as well! While I did not maintain it, it is really fun to look back on. Alot of the stuff in my pole diary I could not do at the time of entry. Today I can do almost all the things in the diary! Which is a cool feeling :D I think I will start a new one.
14 days ago
azblanco Previous Paid Member
I LOVE what you have been doing with the site. Keep up the great work- I don't think anyone would EVER be able to manage and produce tutorials on this site as well as you do.
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