Plywood under joist?

I just put up my Xpole and I think I either had it too tight or maybe not tight enough? It still doesn't explain how I cracked my ceiling though haha. I was spinning on it and I came down and when I came down I saw that my pole was sliding off the ceiling so im not sure that it was tight enough but why did it crack if it wasn't tight enough? I don't know if I didn't put it directly over the joist or maybe just on the edge. so I saw other posts about putting plywood under a joist but I can't find any tutorials on how too or anything! I would like to put something in-between my ceiling just so that I don't damage it and anything that doesn't require drilling and/or putting holes in the ceiling (ill be moving soon). Any suggestions? but preferably suggestions with tutorials lmao. I also have a short ceiling so that sucks too! but any suggestions, comments, helpful hints, or anything.
Thanks in advance!! :)
Feb 27, 2020
JessMcG Paid Member
I'm sure you could put a piece of plyboard in between to protect. But if you dont know exactly where the joists are, you should get a piece large enough to reach two joists. Dry wall is pretty weak but if you have the plyboard reaching two joists for support you might be okay.
Or you could purchase a stud finder and maybe that will help you locate the joists more accurately. You could also hammer in a couple small finishing nails once you find the joist to find exactly where it is. You'll feel the difference between going into wood, and going into drywall. The holes would be very small so you should be safe.
Feb 27, 2020
pole4runner Paid Member
Dream, it sounds like you put the top of the pole between joists or on the edge, like you mentioned. The center of the mount should go directly over the center (or very close to) of the joist. Joists should be 16" to 24" on center, meaning that's the distance between joists. Drywall can flex. I recommend getting a stud finder. One that I found super helpful is like this [] I got it at Costco a long time ago, but it's blue. I don't know what brand it may be, but this type of stud finder is great because it lights up where a stud/joist is located and does not beep and STOP when one is found. It's like a "rolling" stud finder, and it is MUCH easier to use on ceilings. It's accuracy isn't as good as a typical stub finder, but it's PERFECT for most tasks, especially on ceilings where you typically need to determine what direction the joists run.
Mar 13, 2020
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