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PrettyPoleNinja Paid Member
Hi all! I wanted to start a discussion to ask anyone out there for new music suggestions for pole, I may be too old to appreciate what's out there today, but it's so rare I come across a decent (catchy) new song that raises my spirits and moves my body. Any recommendations for pop-dance music (mainstream or not) would be a great help. Preferably more dance/pop than rap, but anything is appreciated. Many many thx!
Aug 8, 2021
danm3516 Previous Paid Member
I listen to lots of Sia (especially when Maddy Zigler is dancing), Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, and let YouTube decide the rest for me (with AdBlock Plus on).
Aug 15, 2021
I like my creamy Spotify playlist let's see if the link will work []

Also like my old school music fr my Pornstar playlist []
Aug 15, 2021
ewebet72116 Previous Paid Member
I can't wait to try the chair routine! Looks super fun
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