New Age Tan.....the new sunless tan


Ok I tried looking on previous forum posts about this, but didn't get any results for it so here I go. I was wondering if anyone had any personal insight or has heard about any results for this product right here [] I'm really fair skinned and burn easily so I tend to try to stay out of the sun a lot. I would love a nice tan though, and tanning beds are a good answer if you don't mind the UV rays. Well my mother when she was younger she used to tan in the sun and in beds and she ended up with some spots of skin cancer that she had to have removed. I guess because of this I'm more scared to use the other 2 options to tan. I've also tried the drugstore spray-on tans and they either come out looking orange or not but wipe away easily on clothing and bedding even after letting it dry thoroughly. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone can give any insight on this product or anything. It seems cost effective...only $100 for a 5-6 month supply you'd pay more than that for salon memberships and tanning lotion not to mention gas. Well if anyone can help me out it would be greatly apprecited. Thanks guys :)
Jan 1, 2012 from Inverness, Florida, United States
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

I would never take this....EVER (and I am a chemist who used to work in biomedical and pharmaceutical research).  


Do a google search on melanotan.  Remember Snooki?  That orange oompa loompa from Jersey Shore....THAT is melanotan!  I would also possibly ask the other lilbit on this forum as she has expecience in the bodybuilding world where this is used quite often.  


Look into getting airbrushed by someone.  
Jan 1, 2012 from Raleigh-ish, NC, United States

I have heard lots of things about melanotan, unfortunately all of them bad.

The product is not currently licensed in the USA. Here in the UK at least (not sure about the USA legal status), it is illegal to purchase or supply because it has not undergone sufficient testing and there were concerns over its safety - see []

It's worth noting that the website itself says in its T&Cs:

The materials for sale are intended for laboratory and research use only, unless otherwise stated on product labels . They are NOT for use as food additives, drugs, cosmetic, household chemicals, or other inappropriate applications. ... Buyer acknowledges that the products have not been tested by supplier for safety and efficacy in food, drug, and medical device, cosmetic, commercial or any other use. ... ALL products and services offered are for RESEARCH purposes ONLY.·Under NO circumstances shall/should ANY of these materials be used for recreational purposes nor human consumption!!!

Potential unwanted effects include ulcers and infections from poor injecting technique, elevated heart rate, and possibly changes in existing moles.

Ultimately it's your decision, but please do plenty of research and take precautions (for other peoples' safety as well as your own - safe disposal of used needles, for example) if you do decide to purchase this product, as its effects are not yet well understood.
Jan 1, 2012 from Witham, England, United Kingdom
Mary Ellyn inject this stuff???
Jan 1, 2012 from Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States

Sweety, why do you want to be tan? Personally I LOVE being really fair. I was tan in high school because I was in the sun a lot during color guard practice, then switched to being indoors all the time in college and became very fair. I look at before and after picture and I think I look so much better fair (and I am very fair (no tan lines.) Now I am 26 and am starting to get crows feet (probably from all the sun exposure in high school). I burn VERY easily too. It's not just me either. I think most women look beautiful with fair skin, whether they have light or dark hair. This whole fake tan thinkg looks rediculous. Another plus is that you will look younger longer. You just have to make sure you get your vitamin D somehow (diet or supplements.) Don't let hollywood make you think that tan is beautiful because it isn't true. Yes, maybe for some it is, but not all of us. It's just like our body types. We have a variety of body types, and no single type is beautiful, contrary to what the media tries to make us think. Don't put chemicals in or on your body, and don't subject yourself to radiation for a sense of beauty that is quite frankly untrue. You are beautiful as you are! Don't change it!
Jan 1, 2012 from Oregon, United States
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

Yeah, melanotan is injectable and is known to cause thickening of the skin and also yellow eyes in some.  If you are prone to freckling you will freckle even worse.  There was Melanotan I and now Melanotan II.  II has been approved by the FDA as a libido enhancer.  It can and will cause erections that last a few days hence another reason a lot of bodybuilders love the stuff.  


Jan 1, 2012 from Raleigh-ish, NC, United States

I have fond nicknames like 'powder', 'ghost' and even my dermatologist laughs and says I am 'white as the fallen snow'. When I go makeup shopping my girlfriends say I should skip Sephora and go to the morgue for foundations or powder. Clever. 

When I was younger I felt resentful and like an ugly duckling because everyone around me was tan or had a darker pigment. I wasn't comfortable in my skin.

I am now I LOVE my natural pigment. It is how I was made and I don't want to change it!

Please consider your health and safety and continue researching. I would suggest you avoid these tanning options and embrace your natural pigment. Our skin is beautiful regardless of how light or dark it is and we are beautiful regardless of our pigment. 

Wishing you the best of luck and please be safe.
Jan 1, 2012 from United States

Thanks everyone for your insight I was just trying to see if anyone had ever heard of it or any side effects from it. Didn't know how safe it really was or not but thanks ya'll weere all very helpful :)
Jan 1, 2012 from Inverness, Florida, United States
chemgoddess1 Paid Member

There is a lot of information about changing the color of your skin be eating more carotenoids....yep....the stuff that is found in carrots and lots of other veggies.  There really is something to eating your vegetables!


Jan 1, 2012 from Raleigh-ish, NC, United States

That happened to me when I was a baby...I wouldn't eat anything but yams. My feet ended up turning yellow. My parents thought I had jaundice! 
Jan 1, 2012 from Oregon, United States
Lyme Lyte

In the 80's there was something similar.  I ordered them to get a tan for Prom since I am fair skinned.  I think you were supposed to take 1 or 2 a day, well, I took about 10 to get a nice deep tan.  Woke up ORANGE!!!!  Cried all day and skipped prom.  :(

I wouldn't take the stuff.....
Jan 1, 2012 from Grand Haven, Michigan, United States

Try the organic airspray. I love it =)
May 18, 2012 from Houston, Texas, United States

when i was in high school, i used to eat a whole bag of carrots a day!  the palms of my hands turned orange, but no other part of me... 
May 19, 2012 from Florence, Oregon, United States
donnalee Paid Member


I have seen the "orange hands" you mention on someone else. I had a friend in high school who wanted to lose weight and tried a diet heavy, heavy in carrots and carrot juice. She did lose weight and she showed me how her palms had turned orange. 
May 19, 2012 from Tampa, Florida, United States
Love it Tara, love it!!
May 19, 2012 from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

i agree with chemgoddess - Ive worked for doctors, taught science, and am currently a pre-med student. Never ingest or (dear goddess- Inject) anything to achieve superficial skintone changes. Stay out of UV tanning beds. People are dying everyday from metastasized skin cancer. I live at the Jersey Shore-(the real shore where people surf-not party)/ We love the beach but cover up with clothing, surf shirts, sunscreen and shade. Dermatologists here are inundated with treating every stage of skin cancer. My son has two friends just at  his small school who lost mothers to skin cancer before age 10.  It is epidemic as longterm use of tanning beds is showing it's results.   Ingesting chemicals to change skintone, does alot more cell damage before the manifesting result takes place.  The results of this product will likely not show until year from now.  

There are GREAT and highly effective sprayon tan products and booth systems are finally becoming popular here.   Neutrogena makes a pretty good sunless lotion but the fragrance of most is still not desirable.  The formula used in sunless booths has evolved quite nicely.  Check out Mystic, [] There is also a system called Versa but in comparisons people seem to prefer the Mystic results.  Mystic seems to last almost 10 days, and I have had airbrush done but find it just takes too long and I dont like a person to have to work so hard when a booth can spray it automatically.  My son graduates next week. so I've been saving for a treat of a light spray at Mystic.  t's a nice treat for yourself and getting less expensive.  Theres a national chain called Beach Bum Salons where they have Mystic booths and run specials.  they may have them in your state.

Jun 12, 2012 from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States
Side effects may include: nausea, vomiting, hot flushes and sexual arousal. In men it may cause spontaneous erections. It has been linked to mole changes, so if users notice any change in moles they should consult their GP.
Jun 14, 2012 from United Kingdom
Brandi RocknBody

@SpiralOut - ok, first and foremost: is your user name a reference to Tool? If so, I love you already, lol!

I own a company called House of Cherry and I am a licensed aesthetician and specialize in airbrush tanning.  I've been doing airbrush tans myself for about four years and I love it.  You might want to look into someone in your area that can do it - but I would strongly suggest finding an actual technician that will airbrush you instead of going to a MysticTan booth where many times the color comes out blotchy and the hands and feet look weird. 

To the commenters telling you to "be happy the way you are" - I agree, but it is also very fun to play around with the way we look, no? For me, I like the way I look when I am fair, but it's also very fun to have my airbrush tan because I can wear different colors that look good with a tan, etc. I say if you wanna be tan, go the airbrush route. 
Jun 15, 2012 from Tampa, Florida, United States

@Brandi. You make a great point, it is fun to play with our appearances. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Airbrush sounds like a great option for those seeking tans without the injecting/injesting/UV route.
Jun 15, 2012 from United States

I tried 1 vial from new age tan with 2 sunbed exposures of 8 minutes and achieve a nice bronze complexion, everyone was like wow your so dark I have type 2 skin naturally.I recommend it.
Jul 20, 2012

@Brandi yes my name is a reference to Tool and I absolutely love them. Ok this is an update i did order this new age tan and I was super excited followed the injections like the directions stated did the tanning both in a bed and outdoors along with the injections. My results we're absolutely nothing :(. Just a big waste of money for me. The only thing that happened were the current freckles I have got darker and I got some new ones. My dermatologist noticed a spot on my arm that was really dark and concerned by it so they actually had to do a biopsy on it. Luckily it came back as normal. After that scare though I am done with new age tan. I have switched to Fake Bake which smells soo yummy and lasts 3-4 days no more chemicals for me. :)
Jul 20, 2012 from Inverness, Florida, United States

I haven't had a scare with it and I am still brown from the first 10mg vial, I diluted it with 2 syringes of bacteriostatic water and would dose at the 20 line on the syringe they gave me with the order my beauty marks did get darker but my skin got really nice and brown too. Sucks yours didn't work for you. I looked likeI took a vacation in cancun and layed out all week lol :) Im gonna try a different website for the next vial though because every time I go to the site they say they are down for maintenance. Good luck with your fake and bake I hate the smell of that shit and it never seems even.
Aug 3, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 from United Kingdom
I'm a huge fan of the mystic spray tan. After a bout skin cancer myself (on my face no less, however my scar is less noticeable everyday, whoo hoo) I'm all about sun block and spray tans lol. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. The tan lasts about 7 days before its time to exfoliate and back to the booth. The only downside, I can't pole the same day I get my tan. I have actually had my tan rub off on my grippy places lmao!! ;)
Sep 12, 2012 from Okatie, South Carolina, United States

WHat is a good self tanned to use at home. I do not care about price. I want a good one. I just found out I too have skin cancer. I will be needing something to make me glow a little but not orange! I looked on Sephora's websight but do not know anything about any of them.
Sep 12, 2012 from Dayton, Ohio, United States
Brandi RocknBody

Luvlee - St. Tropez is a good one.
Sep 12, 2012 from Tampa, Florida, United States
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Thank you, Veena, these exercises are great! This is why I love learning online with you, you take the time to break down all the important details and lay down the foundations so well.
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