My INSTAGRAM was HACKED!!!!!!!!!

On Sept 11th my @studioveena Instagram account was hacked through phishing scam. While I thought I was helping a fellow artist in our community, and a person whom I'd spoken with before, the account in question had been compromised and I was chatting with a scammer who was using our interactions to find a way into my account.

After gaining access to my account the scammer proceeded to use my image and logo in stories they created in order to entice my followers into participating in some sort of crypto-currency scam found at another account @laura_trade_

Since the 11th I have repeatedly taken the steps required by Instagram to regain access to my account. Over and over I've submitted and IG continues to deny my video submissions, which prove it's my account.

I have decided to sacrifice my @studioveena Instagram account to protect those who have followed me. Please do not engage with my @studioveena IG account, it's NOT ME!

At this point it seems like a lost cause so I'm asking everyone who is willing, to report my @studioveena Instagram account as hacked. I've been told doing this can be the death of an account but I'd rather lose my Instagram account than be the tool these people use to access others' accounts.

If you're interested in following me in the future, should I choose to use Instagram again. My backup account is POLETUTORIALS. []

Thank you for reporting this issue. I feel awful if this person has used my account to negatively impact yours.
17 days ago
Here's a video that may help you if you've been hacked []

I'm still trying.....
16 days ago
Lavenia Price Previous Paid Member
I just received a message from your sv account. i will report it!
15 days ago
Maria Joao
I've received message too 😵‍💫😲
13 days ago
StrangeFox Paid Member
Thanks for letting us know! I reported your account and blocked it. Best of luck to you - I do hope you one day post again. I enjoyed your tutorial vids and tips. But I get it... IG is getting ridiculous. I use it to track my progress and cheer my pole buddies on but it's getting harder and harder to do that.
12 days ago
Yeah my OG account, the hacked one, I only saw about 5 of the same people over and over. I stopped trying to interact there.

I'm gonna try to follow ppl on my new account and keep them relevant, but not sure it will work.
12 days ago
rebekahliberman3613 Previous Paid Member
Yeah it was weird they sent me a text to follow their new store. Seemed fishy so I didn’t click. Glad i saw this.
6 days ago
Sunshine Goddess
I love the website! Thank you for all the knowledge, time and energy you put in making poling more accessible and easy to learn!
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