Looking to find a sturdy pole for 15feet vaulted ceiling

Looking to find a sturdy pole for 15feet vaulted ceiling
Sep 8, 2018
When I moved into a place with a 17’ ceiling about a year ago I couldn’t find any that were removable. I was told at that height the pole would need to be permanent. I believe 12’ Was the cutoff for a removable pole.

My engineer brother in law designed this for me to be able to use my 10’ pole.
Sep 9, 2018
I'd suggest a permanent pole if you can. Mine is just over 14 ft, it's a 38 brass, very thin and lots of give but I'm a very gentle light dancer.

I've had my xpole titanium up in this 14 foot space too but it's a 45 and the older style, not sure if the newer models would be as sturdy.

The pic is my new 38 brass 14ft. But again, you'll want a larger diameter if you're looking for stability.
Sep 9, 2018
X Pole Tech
To get rigidity at 15' feet the pole needs to be dual lined i.e. have a second pole/rod inside the original. Usually the combination of the two poles gives an overall wall thicknees of 5mm +/-. and is the type used in studios and competitons. These are avaialble in 40mm or, the more popular 45mm diametre's and in a variety of finishes.

It is important, as done with competition X-Poles, to ensure the inner pole is glued in position as this makes the two poles function as one and adds rigidity.

X-Pole can supply competition poles at 15' including the vaulted mount. And has the option of PoleAway so that the pole, can be stored on teh ceiling without removal.

Please contact your local X-Pole office for more advice.

X-Pole Tech Team

Sep 16, 2018
After 2 months of struggling with improving my flexibility I've started 30 days to flexy and I've noticed that I can do deeper front spilt at day 10! Thank you Veena.
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