I've turned into a monkey

Yep, a monkey. (I'm thinking a cute chimp)

Meaning I am constantly climbing, inverting, swinging from, u name it on absolutely anything I can get my monkey hands on. It's like I now have this constant itch which I need to scratch by all types of monkey business imaginable. I'm talking lamp posts, trees, playgrounds, pull up bars at the gym or park, monkey bars, Olympic Rings, ropes, silks, trapezes - the works! I'm constantly assessing the climb ability of everything around me and if it looks possible, I need to go there. I actually feel like an addict in desperate need of my next fix and if I can't get it, I can even get a bit antsy and agitated. This even makes me think twice about wearing dresses when going out or wearing some shorts underneath just in case the itch strikes and I need to climb!

Fellow monkeys out there?
Oct 18, 2013
I totally know how you feel I am exactly the same lol I take my kids to the park and I am playing more then them, I see some scaffolding I can't resist doing a flag, lampposts and trees aren't safe either lol I love it :)
Oct 18, 2013
Silver Sylph Previous Paid Member
Lol, I know that feeling! I'm always catching myself sizing things up for climbability too, only polers would understand, I'm convinced other people think I'm bonkers!
Oct 18, 2013
What a fun post!!!!
Oct 18, 2013
SToast Previous Paid Member
When I take my son to the park it's all I can do to not invert on "fire pole". The other moms around here don't appreciate it. Sometimes we go to the park when I know there won't be many other people there for just this reason. Isn't if funny how everything has potential once you start pole?
Oct 19, 2013
eatvegancookies Paid Member
Yes...monkeys!  And Silver Sylph I know what you mean about "sizing things up!"  My neighborhood is full of gay bars...There's a club on my block and I'm always looking at these shiny gold poles that hold up the awning...ignoring the fabulously dressed people waiting to get in! 
Oct 19, 2013
grayeyes Paid Member
I haven't turned into a monkey yet, but I can see how it would happen.  Sounds like pole Parkour. 
Oct 20, 2013
Club Dynasty
Love Veena's lessons! I did Veena's 30 day ab program and can now do straight leg V inverts, something I thought would never happen!
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