I've missed the flash sale. Does anyone know how often the flash sale come by?

I have missed the $69 for a year flash sale. Does anyone know when will the next one be? or how often the $69 deal comes by? Is it the lowest price? Thanks.
a month ago
Hi the flash sale if very random, we don't even know when we will do one next. :)
18 days ago
amelia2000 Paid Member
If you're signed up to the newsletter you'll get an email when it comes. If you can wait :P
14 days ago
Yup! Amelia is right. In fact, if you're signed up to the website you get the newletters. If you're not seeing them check your spam. I've noticed my spam has a lot of emails from companies I WANT to hear from!! So annoying!
14 days ago
carolshop47326 Paid Member
After 18 days, I feel like I have gotten stronger. My Ayesha is now very solid, and I hope to be able to handspring into it at some point. The lessons are also filling in some gaps in my skillset, such as pirouettes
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