IG November Spin challenge! 2018

The November challenge is #svspins
🍁10 days of STATIC SPINS and SPIN COMBOS!!🍁 Starting NOV 12th once a day, I'll share demos for both static and spinning pole some days will be just a single spin other days will be FULL combos you can learn! I understand static spins can be intimidating if you love spinning pole, so in the spirit of ThanksgivingπŸ‚ you'll find a FREE lesson link with the breakdown of the exact version I posted! This is found on my πŸƒIG STORYπŸƒ for each day! If for some reason you're pole is only spinny, you can still join in but I'd love to see everyone try static if possible!
We have awesome sponsors and prizes again!! @kupmykakez will be giving away a pair of her super comfy bottoms and @sneakydeez_
Will be joining us this month giving away 2 pairs of sneakydeez wrist wraps!!! First place will be randomly chosen and receives a pair of @kupmykakez
AND a set of @sneakydeez_ wraps! Second place will be hand picked by sneakydeez themselves and will win a set of wraps!!!
Here's how to play:
FOLLOW @studioveena @kupmykakez and @sneakydeez_
TAG your pole buddies!!
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POST Starting Nov.12th share your best efforts...it doesn't have to be perfect!
PROFILE must be public to qualify for the prizes.

Here's your list:



Day 4 Intermediate combo #10 - Reverse attitude to chair

Day 5 Beginner #2 - Half spin to back hook, half spin to back hook

Day 6 Advanced combo #5 - Carousel to reverse grab to chair to back hook

Day 7 Intermediate #11 - Cradle spin to ankle attitude

Day 8 Advanced #3 - Corkscrew, reverse leg kick to back bend

Day 9 Advanced #4 - V carousel to attitude to fireman fan legs to tuck spin

Remember all of these combos can be found in the combos and routine section of the lessons if you'd like to work ahead!
Nov 8, 2018
Here are examples of prizes!
Nov 8, 2018
Neesy118 Previous Paid Member
Ahhhhh! I wasn't going to do a challenge this month....but this looks like fun!!!!
Nov 8, 2018
It's only 10 days go for it!
Nov 8, 2018
sharciota5733 Paid Member
Will there be beginner options for the intermediate spins?
Nov 9, 2018
IF something is too difficult just do one part of the spin or spin combo. Like if a combo has 3 or 4 spins, you can choose one of them that works for you :)
Nov 9, 2018
s3r3nkk3 Previous Paid Member
So happy I found about this site... it encouraged me to try poling in the first place. Now I am so glad I did. I love being part of this community of inspiring, strong, beautiful women. Thank you Veena for the positive energy!
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