How has StudioVeena inspired you?

Hi everyone!

As most of you know I have a blog that started because of StudioVeena. Upgrading it got me thinking that I can't be the only one that was inspired--whether to blog about pole, compete, or start a pole studio. (I don't think I would have been as motivated with pole without this supportive site and all you Veeners.) 

So thank you for all your support of Flexines over the past 9 months. The blog is now a "real" site: ❤ 

What has StudioVeena inspired you to do?
Aug 3, 2013
StudioVeena has inspired me to reach out and connect with people all over the world. Being an introvert, as it seems a lot of Veeners are, I tend to be shy. I would never just walk up to someone and say, "Oh, Hello! We know each other from a website and I'm so glad to meet you!". I've done this with many Veeners at various Conventions now. It has blown my husband's mind to see me being so bold. It has spilled over to my personal life as well, as I have so much more self confidence.

SV has also inspired me to take better care of myself. Motivation can be difficult, and where else could you find more inspiration? I work our harder and eat better.

Those are just two of the ways SV has inspired me, but they are the most important ones, as far as I'm concerned.
Aug 3, 2013
That's so true, it is a lot easier to be open here. One day I want to go to some pole conventions and meet some Veeners too. Before being on Veena I don't think I would ever have been comfortable video chatting either (I normally feel so weird hearing my own voice even on the answering machine!).
Aug 5, 2013
I certainly have been impacted and inspired in a huge way because of StudioVeena.  First off, I wouldn't have stayed committed to pole for as long as I have if it wasn't for the continued support that this website offers.  I do miss the Friday chats, I felt like they were a huge part of the communication and personalization that went along with the supportive environment here.  I have learned so much here and have taken life paths in general and in dance that I never would have comprehended on my own.  I am continually amazed at all the accomplishments I've made in both pole and aerial.  This site has taught me so much.  I've been inspired to pursue my dreams, friendships, and continuous learning that makes me a better dancer and teacher for my students. 
Aug 5, 2013
Studio Veena has been a big deal for me because I don't really have anyone where I live who's working on pole at my level.  So it's really nice to get on here and see all the inspiring videos and tips on how to do moves I'm working on.  In fact, my husband has started to finish my sentences with "and you saw it on Studio Veena."  because that's just what he expects to hear.  
Aug 5, 2013
StudioVeena has been a great inspiration for me because of the community aspect, and the fact that all levels and styles of pole dancers are welcomed and encouraged here. I had to leave a supportive, amazing and healthy studio environment due to a job relocation and found myself in a pole dance desert. I had already heard about Veena's video lessons before, so I knew they were a good way to continue my education and progress as a poler. But I was surprised to find that I appreciated the message board community nearly as much, if not more, than the video lessons. It's been difficult moving far away from family and friends, especially pole friends, and StudioVeena has given me a little virtual home away from home with like minded people all around the world. I would have given up a long time ago if all I had were DVDs and my own self criticism. The fact that I can post a text question, photo, or video and get immediate feedback, advice, or constructive criticism (just like in a studio) has been incredibly valuable to me. It's kept me on the wagon in more ways than one. I think this community should serve as a model for how instructive websites for all disciplines should be designed.
Aug 5, 2013
Paula Floyd
to not be afraid to be myself and express my self threw pole in a positive way. from sexy to funny, happy to angy dances it all goes and is all inspirational in its own way, im shy and this pushed me to step out of my box and communicate with new people all over the world, i never thought i would be posting videos and replying to message boards when i first joined. my plan was to almost hide in the back ground and just learn from others silently. the moment i gained the courage to post my first video i was hocked and my pole journey took flight literally! i wouldn't be where i am today with my pole journey with out all of you! and thank you to veena for starting and maintain this positive and motivating online pole home! :) xo
Aug 5, 2013
This was a lovely post 💜💜💜💜
Jan 10, 2020
Samantha B
Thank you thank you! Foam roller + your stretches and I got my middle splits!!! Even as a little girl I could never do them but now I got em!!!
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