Houston/Alvin, TX - in search of a studio! Halp!

Looking for a friend who moved out that way and wants to become a unicorn like the rest of us :P
Jul 5, 2017
LatinPoler Paid Member
Verticality in Houston has good press, but I don't know it personally.
Jul 5, 2017
colvinjennifer328255 Paid Member
My favorite studio is Revolve Pole Studio. Awesome instructors who are down to earth and extremely knowledgeable.
Jul 13, 2017
33barbwire Paid Member
LyraPole, does your friend want a buddy to do occasional pole jams with at a house? :D
Jul 28, 2017
She's brand new! She's looking for a an avenue to start!
Jul 29, 2017
Phoenix Hunter Paid Member
Veena I have been doing this challenge and my inverts have improved astronomically! thank you. my inverts were very weak and sometimes would not be able to invert at all. this has helped so much.
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