Help with inverted v!

Vangel Paid Member
Hi! I've been poling for about 5 months and am in an intermediate class with an inverted v in the routine. I have been inverting (basic) for two months but I cannot for the life of me get the inverted v! I know what to do, hands no higher than eye level, pull up, engage muscles and core, turn on back, hips up and tuck, pull pole into armpit, tip back, pull pelvis in the the pole, head down, look back, imagine your feet going up, I know all the things I'm supposed to be doing, but my body just won't do it! Could it be I'm just not strong enough yet?
Dec 3, 2016
Runemist34 Previous Paid Member
Hey there!
It sounds like you have the basics down, and if you've been inverting normally for a while, then you are definitely working toward it!
But, my main question is, are you able to do a tuck invert? Basically, this would be the same invert you are doing, just with a deadlift, instead of the most basic invert which includes some momentum with a swing of the leg!
Transitioning into a tuck invert includes things like having both feet "in front" of the pole, set slightly wider than hip's-distance apart. You'll assume the position as normal (shoulders down, pole right up in your armpit business, etc), and then you bring your knees up. Think of it like bringing the knees up into the shoulders, and tilt back!
If you can do this already, then I would suggest doing it nice and slow, lots of control! You can also "drill" this one as an exercise to get your inverts even stronger. Bring your knees up, tilt back, and then come back down the way you came, with control! Making this one harder would be doing things like putting the legs down into a straight or "pike" position, but not touching the ground, and then going back up again. You could also use the pike position going upwards, trying to get your legs parallel with the pole.
The V-Invert is pretty tough! So don't lose heart. If it helps, I should point out that most people don't begin to invert at all until they are 6 months into their dancing, because most people do not have proper shoulder and back engagement to keep them safe! People like to try to rush into inversions, even going so far as to jump up into them, which can put your back, shoulders, and arms into very serious danger!!

Also, can you do the inverted V move without going from the ground? By this I mean the stationary chopper position: From a basic invert, you would bring your back leg (the one that is behind the pole) down, knee first, toward your shoulder and then extending out straight. And then, follow with the other leg! It can be a tricky position to get used to at first, as you really need to keep your bum up close to the pole, and maintain your tuck. This is also helped by making sure your arms remain somewhat bent throughout the move, and especially when fully extended!
Keeping the chest lifted, throughout all of these moves, is also super useful to me!

Best of luck! Remember, this is a journey, and yours is just yours :)
Dec 3, 2016
The V invert is more challenging than a basic invert so don't feel bad about not being able to hold it!! It can take a few months or MORE of basic inverting before having the strength to hold the hips up over head. Are you using the controlled momentum technique to invert or deadlifting? Deadlifting is hella tough and isn't necessary to work on until you want to begin working towards aerial inverts. I would ask if you can do the basic invert in the routine for now.

Also if you can post a video that would be helpful for trouble shooting!

Have you check out my Veena's tips for inverts? [] Also working through the 30 day invert program will help you build strength. Here is another video on controlled momentum [] Hope these help! Let us know how it goes!!
Dec 3, 2016
Vangel Paid Member
Thanks so much Veena and Runemist34 I have had to take a few days off due to injuries but will definitely try both the 30 day take off as well as those videos. I'll post a video when I get closer to getting it, hopefully soon! :)
Dec 6, 2016
Vangel Paid Member
Just wanted to update, I finally go tmy inverted V! On New Years Day no less. :) Happy New Year! :) :)
Jan 7, 2017
Kerstin Schmidt
Its so great and a lot of fun
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