Help with ceiling, please... Not sure if I can install my X-Pole.

LatinPoler Paid Member
Hi everybody,

I have just moved and I am not sure if I can install my x-Pole (xpert) with the new ceiling. Hopefully someone has already been in the same situation and can help me out, it would be really appreciated!

They are popcorn ceilings. We used a stud finder to locate the joists and the behavior was quite erratic, sometimes it indicated there was a stud and the next time it didn’t… We kind of located two studs were the positives seemed consistent. However, these studs were not separated the standard 16 or 24 inch, so it is suspicious. We had to use a sheet of paper between the stud finder and
the ceiling. The stud finder worked fine on the walls, which are not popcorn.
The knock test didn’t help much either, everything sounded pretty similar, hollow.

There is huge, heavy lamp installed in the middle of the room. We removed the lamp and looked thru the hole, and what we found was that there was a metal stud where the lamp was attached, but it was not in contact with the popcorn ceiling, it was about 2-3 inches above. The popcorn ceiling was about 1 inch width and when we pressed, it moved a little.

At this point, it doesn’t seem that the ceiling will be sturdy enough to hold the xPole dome…

Do you have any suggestions? Somebody with the same sort of ceiling?

Or switching to X-stage is my only option? I would not want to do that, because of the money and that I like floorwork and low flow and even the X-stage lite is not ideal.

Jan 1, 2017
HotFox789 Paid Member
I have popcorn ceilings. My husband screwed in a piece of plywood between 2 trusses with screws placed in each corner. So the torque of spinning on the pole is shared between them. It was a little bit of trial and error to locate the bottom chords of the trusses but I've had Lole the Pole up and taken him down numerous times and haven't had any issues. I was concerned about safety so he also screwed in 4 stops evenly placed around the dome in case it became loose. And since my kids love to spin on it when they walk by I feel like it's secure. We took down the ceiling fan because I would accidentally kick it when inverting lol. He replaced with a small light.

I might suggest to see if you can get your hands on the blueprints or call a handyman in or someone possibly knowledgeable about the house (like your Realtor) to see what they might know like info passed along from the builder or previous owners.

Good luck.
Jan 2, 2017
Can you get into the attic? Then you can see what's going on.
Jan 2, 2017
LatinPoler Paid Member
Thanks Hotfox and Veena! Yes, I can get into the attic and I'll have a look. I will also ask the realtor about blueprints, I'm leasing and his brother is the owner, who purchased the house from the previous ownner and builder, so hopefully they'll know. I'm a little reluctant to tell them I want to put up a pole though... For the connotations, etc. It's sad, I know...
Jan 2, 2017
LatinPoler Paid Member
I just got an X-stage Lite. After checking the attic and contacting X-pole, there seems to be the only option for my current house. I'm leasing, so modifying or drilling the ceiling is not possible. I watched a few dance videos this morning and it doesn't seem to be as terrible as I thought... On the bright side, I will have a huge room for dancing. I hope it arrives soon!
Jan 3, 2017
33barbwire Paid Member
LatinPoler, did X-Pole tell you you might need to swap out the top half of your X-Stage with an extension if your ceiling is too low for the whole thing?

I've been really happy with my X-Stage Lite, because I don't have to deal with ceiling headaches and even though it's heavy, it's more portable than my old pole. Floorwork is kind of a challenge, though.
Jan 8, 2017
LatinPoler Paid Member
Barbwire, thanks, fortunately height is not an issue in the room I am planning to put it. It's vaulted ceiling, more than 13 feet in the center. Yep, I expect some limitations with floorwork, especially low flow. What I saw most people do is to crawl or walk away from the platform, do the floorwork, then return to the pole the same way. I have a lot of space in my room so I think this should work for me. Also, I think the platform can provide some variety, for example, to use it like a low chair and perform some sitting moves. Anyway, it is what it is, so I'm setting myself to love it despite the cons 😉
Jan 9, 2017
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