Help for ballerina

I would love to have some advice on how to train for the ballerina move. I know that there is a certain amount of mobility and flexibility that is needed in order to get the pole where it needs to be or should I say where the arm needs to be. What types of exercises if any should I be doing to help get me closer? Right now when I reach back I can get the pole where it sits in between forearm and elbow crease. Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thanks in advance
Mar 16, 2020
Hi! If you're new the how my lessons work (they're free until the end of March) you will see under each lesson there is a group of other videos. Those are related lessons. Those lessons listed below the main video will show you things you should be working on to achieve the move!

So just know that the other videos you see below are not random, they're meant to offer ways to help you achieve the move shown on the main video. 😁

I have 2 ballerina lessons this one

And a twisted ballerina as well.

I'm sure others will have some get tips for you too!
Mar 16, 2020
Thanks so much this is very helpful
Mar 16, 2020
Pretty Pixie
StudioVeena is an amazing place to learn, her instruction is the BEST, the progression of the lessons is essential to building the strength and confidence needed and with new lessons posted regularly, I'm never bored!
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