Has anyone here ever thrown glitter in a performance?

Random Q! I am performing soon, and I was tossing around with the idea of throwing glitter during a drop I do to add some drama. Has anyone got any experience with this? (where did u hide it, what was the easiest way to pull it out of ur costume to throw?) Thanks for any ideas and tips!
Apr 4, 2019
You would have to check with the venue before throwing something like glitter. I might do confetti instead as glitter is soooo hard to clean. ✨✨✨

Not sure how to go about holding something like that in place tho.
Apr 6, 2019
TropicalVertical Previous Paid Member
Throwing a chiffon scarf maybe? They float down beautifully. Tuck in shirts or bra, they scrunch up to matchbox size
Apr 16, 2019
You are definitely THE BEST at making pole tutorials. Your explanations are SO thorough! Thanks so much for all the time and thoughtfulness you put into your lessons.
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