Gemini / allegra help!

Rock n pole
I think I might be inverting the wrong way round?
I've been trying to get the gemini and allegra for 6 months now but I just can't get it.
I can invert, air invert, ayesha, butterfly, handspring etc
Is my starting position wrong? This is what I do:
Im right handed. I stand with my left side beside the pole, right hand above left, lift up and hook my right leg over the pole.
But when I watch tutorials everyone looks to be at the opposite side of the pole but using the right leg, but I can't invert that way!! Please help, I'm starting to get really disheartened with pole dancing because of this :( thanks guys any tips appreciated xxx
Sep 30, 2019
Here’s a tip I figured out a while ago. When you sit with your legs crossed which leg is on top? For most people whichever leg is on top when their legs are crossed is their stronger side for Gemini (outside leg hang.)

Allegra will come out of the inside leg hang or flatline inside leg (flatline Scorpio.) your hooked leg should be quite bent. I would practice the flatline position and get really comfortable with that.
Oct 5, 2019
StrangeFox Paid Member
Sounds like you are trying to do allegra from the wrong starting position. I could be wrong but are you trying to do it from gemini? If so, you're just missing a step.

For allegra, you're going to want to be in flatline scorpio (as Charley mentioned). You can sit up a little in your gemini (outside leg hang) and switch legs so your inside leg - the leg closest to the pole - is on the pole, or you can drop into it from butterfly. If you have the lessons here you can check out Veena's tutorial. You can also do allegra from your ball/bomb/ tuck hip hold - for that entry you would reach around the inside leg (the leg closest to the pole). Veena also has a great tutorial on allegra.

If you post a video on here, we could give better pointers. :)

I'll see if I can post my (admittedly very sloppy) allegra video on here. Allegra is a move I'm just learning to get comfortable with and my back flexibility is a work in progress so all of my movements are very exaggerated and obvious - lol!

Oct 6, 2019
StrangeFox Paid Member
Ps. I posted the video of my sloppy allegra in slow mo. I invert into gemini (outside leg hang), and then switch to a short legged/flatline scorpio (inside leg hang) before going into allegra:


Oct 6, 2019
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I'm right-handed too and inverting for me is easier with my right arm on the inside, so that when I'm in an outside leg hang the left leg is hooked. It also means that when I do a superman, my left hand is at the top. Doing gemini climbs helps me train inverts on the other side, it's the only way to forces myself to train that side haha.
I've dug out a video of my allegra embedded into a freestyle, it's a few months old as due to pregnancy am limited on pole moves atm. I go into butterfly, then flatline, then allegra, it's about 4 minutes in in the video.
Oct 7, 2019
I'm the country and can't drive so I get lonely. This gives me a way to feel like I have a partner doing it with me.
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