Carpet Question

Hey everyone!
In the quest to encourage myself to keep dancing at home, I've realized that having my pole on carpet is really bothering me- it makes me feel so limited, and that limitation is only compounded by the small space that I have to keep my pole in (thus, cannot fully extend for things like spins, and I need to be careful how I enter or exit moves).
There is nowhere else in my home that is either uncarpeted, or that the pole will fit in! I tried putting it in the kitchen, but discovered that my pole is, sadly, about an inch too tall. No way I'm going to be putting it in a bathroom, either! Haha

So, I want any of your tips! Do you dance on carpet? How do you do floorwork, or spins to the ground? Do you need to modify anything? What about your heeled shoes- how did you get used to that on carpet?
Is there some way I might put some kind of temporary flooring down for my pole time? Have you found something that works there, too?
I would love to work on low flow and floorwork (especially considering my pole is only about 7 or 8 feet, barely tall enough for a single climb up), so I need a fair amount of floor space... which... well, it's limited there, too, but I'd like to get the most I can out of it!
Sep 23, 2018
grayeyes Previous Paid Member
I think carpet can be quite limiting for low flow and floorwork. My pole previously was on carpet and I really didn't do floorwork--just didn't really work. Heels I wore mainly to do tricks as, at least for me, pirouettes, etc. were out of the question as the heels just don't turn on carpet. I even tried smooth tape on the soles of the shoes to try to get them to slide but it didn't help. I didn't find spinning down to the floor to be a problem on carpet but then I never really did any floorwork out of it--more or less just attempted to find a pretty way to stand back up.

This wasn't hugely limiting to me as I like to do tricks in the air and I found that now that I have a pole over wood floors it freaks my brain out a little bit. My brain seems to think carpet is going to be a softer landing if I fall. I know intellectually carpet will do little to nothing to prevent injury in a fall but my dinosaur brain disagrees so I have a little more anxiety up high over the wood floors.

I know some folks have done temporary floor of some sort. I wasn't willing to mess with that. I'm moving again and my pole will be on carpet again which I'm okay with but I will miss pirouetting. There are wood floors in my new basement so I'm secretly planning a second pole down there for dancing and floorwork but haven't let my husband in on that plan yet.

Sep 28, 2018
LatinPoler Previous Paid Member
My previous pole was on carpet and it is limiting. For base work (grounded pole flow): If you dance barefoot, you will need socks. If you wear heels, they will not slide and you will feel unstable. I used to put duct tape on the soles to slide a little better for pirouettes, etc. - not ideal. For real floorwork (no pole), you'll probably need to be fully covered (leggings, t-shirt, etc.) to avoid carpet burn. And the carpet will ruin/burn your clothes... or you will get carpet burn despite the cloth protection. It happened to me. So not ideal at all but it's not impossible either... Just evaluate pros and cons. You can workaround carpet but if you want to focus on low flow/floorwork, I would avoid it.
Sep 29, 2018
dustbunny Previous Paid Member
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