Can I have a sanity check about why my pole fell down?

33barbwire Paid Member
On NYE, we played with my pole a little (X-pert pro, bought in 2020), then when my husband took his turn for a spin, he really threw himself into it on spin mode! The whole pole came down and put a hole in my drywall, oops. We were surprised, but at least nothing expensive broke and nobody got injured bad enough to need medical attention (a few days later, my husband is still kinda sore from how he fell :( ).

This pole is in a carpeted room, and I have the extra extension that should be the right length. I also had this pole up for several months without adjusting it much, and for the last 2-3 months I hardly used it at all (asthma had been acting up real bad).

Can I chalk this up to me needing to check and tighten my pole more often? Or is the carpet part of the issue here? I'm not sure if I'm ready to rip it out and do a hard floor just yet.

What do y'all think?
21 days ago
quancutie23 Paid Member
I'm on a fb pole community group a lot of people have this issue. It could be base off the year your home was made. Or if you had it under a certain part of your ceiling. For got the word I was looking for. But most of the time it's fixable. Tell your husband don't through himself on it
20 days ago
amelia2000 Paid Member
Definitely needs checking regularly. Mine is up with a ceiling mount but before we put up the mount it did slip sometimes (usually on spin mode).

Carpet might be an issue, you need to make sure it's secure. When you think it's secure, get someone to stand on the base and then extend some more (to compress the carpet).

20 days ago
Dang that's not good. Glad he was ok! The only pole that's fallen was my first, a permeant mount stainless steal. We didn't account for the compression of the carpet when measuring.

I always use a mount, mostly because I need to remove my pole often at my new place. My new pro (with the xlock) is creaky and the screws come loose at the bottom all the time. I have to tighten them every time I dance. Never really had the problem with my old poles. The finish isn't holding up well either. It's very scratched (brass) I've had over 10 poles in my dance life and including 2 brass one xpole the other Platinum stages. I've never had it scratch so bad.

I've not noticed it come loose, but that might be because I do take it down almost weekly to film and do other things in my space. The carpet really shouldn't be a problem if you've accounted for the extra compression. I'd put it up, use it for a session then tighten it again. No matter the pole it's always good to check it before you use it. []

PS a mount will make your pole spin faster and smoother too!
20 days ago
Can you use a mount if you have a popcorn ceiling? I assume no? I've never had problems with my pole thankfully, just one minor slip one time, so I always check it before using it now. I wish my apartment had "normal" ceilings.
17 days ago
Katie, depends on how much texture there is. When ppl say popcorn ceilings it can mean just a bit of fleck, other times its tons of it.
17 days ago
monica kay Paid Member
In my experience, the popcorn hides any damage the pole might (it might not!) create. I have "normal" ceilings here at my current home and you can see CLEAR AS DAY where i've put xpole domes up. My old apartment had popcorn ceilings and my pole never slipped (i prob over tightened it) and when it came down, you could kinda see at some angles where popcorn had been knocked off, but for the most part, the popcorn helped actually hide the balding areas.
16 days ago
Mine are popcorn to the extreme, they're absolutely hideous haha. But thankfully I haven't had any issues since that one time. I probably over-tighten it now!
15 days ago
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