Bruises and what to do to help with aching/help with a quick recovery method for them!

EmiiiChannn Paid Member
Hi! So I've already had bruises in the past that weren't too fun but not too severe either. Right now I have a lot of bruising on the shin and the very top foot on my left side (the side I always use to initiate a climb). So I had a great idea (terrible idea) to set up my alarm clock on my phone so that i had 2 alarms that could only set off by scanning a qr code on my ceiling, making me climb the pole in order to turn them off. As a beginner who even if I don't have time for a full pole lesson/workout, I try to climb the pole at least once a day in order to keep up with my upper body strength. Today I was in SO much pain that I couldn't even climb my pole because the bruises hurt SO bad. I'm going to practice your hooping section in the meantime, but does anyone have any advice on how to help with the aching of bruises as well as a way I can have them recovery quickly?

TLDR; I have really bad bruising on my leg that I use to get my myself up on the pole for a climb, do you have any advice on how to help with the pain as well as advice on how to quicken the recovery of bruising?

So I took some photos of the bruising as well, I'll attach them to this post!
Aug 19, 2020
EmiiiChannn Paid Member
Oh, also, Veena!! I told a friend of mine (who is muuuuuuuch more experienced at pole/aerials than I am) and she told me that you're like the OG pole dance teacher and that when she first started learning (like I am now) she would use your lessons! I thought that was pretty cool, and would make you happy, she had many many great things to say about your lessons :)
Aug 19, 2020
The best thing you can do is rest! I know it seems like trying to do something all the time is the best way to learn but it isn't necessary. When it comes to the body rest is equally as important as "doing". Trying some hooping or floor work is a good plan! 😉

I don't recommend trying to climb every day for this reason. I suggest no more than 10 attempts per session, this is to help prevent excessive bruising. REST!!!!! 🛌 Don't do any more climbs until the pain from the bruise is gone. There are still lots of other pole work you can work on while you wait. Once you do go back to climb practice ice the shin and foot right away after just to be sure it doesn't aggravate it. If it feels fine then no need for ice.

Some people swear by Arnica cream but I've never used it.

That's super cool about your friend, we are still the most trafficked pole dance website in the world! People just don't interact like they use to back in the day. lol
Aug 20, 2020
EmiiiChannn Paid Member
Thank you for the help! Yeah I've definitely been overdoing it with climbing, I'm going to just do everything not involving my bruise until it feels normal again, and the Arnica cream sounds interesting I'm going to look into that. And yeah I thought it was super cool that she also had taken your lessons! I love the interaction aspect so much! It's really cool and just gives a very real feel to every lesson and it's just fun to watch everyone practicing and supporting each other. :)
Aug 20, 2020
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Plus we should be training both sides- which means not just swapping hands but also which leg is in front/back.

This doesn't seem important but on spinning pole if you don't swap sides you might end up spinning backwards in a crucifix twist. And makes trying ballerina easier on both sides if you can climb with both legs in both positions.

No advice for dealing with bruising except- it does get better!
Aug 22, 2020
Thank you again for another WONDERFUL, detailed lesson, Veena.
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