Best finish pole for pole silks and beginner!?

Hi everybody. This looks like a great community I'm going to be more and more involved in! I'm new here and want to invest in an Xpole for myself to learn more and get fit at home!

I've done a few pole classes and am just about to start some silks classes. I really want to get the silks attachment for a pole and practice with that, too. I'll be getting a pole and mounting it to our ceiling.

I was leaning towards getting a chrome 45mm pole as it says this is best for beginners. I have quite dry skin and get sweaty hands easily. I live in the UK in a damp county! I was just wondering if this is the best recommended finish or should I fork out extra and get a TG one? I've read loads of people say stainless steel is too slippery, and powder coated is too grippy.

25 days ago
I've just watched Veena's video on poles and it says about stainless steel or brass if you're sweaty. My hands get so sweaty I slip on yoga mats during yoga! So trying to figure out mainly for hands what finish to get :)
25 days ago
StrangeFox Paid Member
Hey there, and welcome! The pole finish you get will depend on your preferences and your skin chemistry. My skin is super dry and I find chrome stickier than brass (with brass, my skin just gets ashy and I slide off). But I know other polers with dry skin that hate chrome. If there is a studio nearby, you could go try out their poles to see what you like best... if you're lucky they may have more than 1 type of finish! Unfortunately, other than trying out the finish there's no real way of knowing what will work best for you.

You tend to adjust to whatever finish you use the most. I've found although I prefer chrome, I can do all right on brass if I need to use it simply because I'm used to it. Remember you can always get grip aids to help, too! The absolute best thing for sweaty hands, though, is building grip strength! :)

For the silks attachment - I was looking into that at one point, too, and I think you need to have either a stage pole, or a semi-permanent/permanent mount (not pressure mounted - check with X-Pole, though). Also, make sure you've got enough height to use the pole silks.
25 days ago
Hi there, welcome to he site. This is such a tricky one to answer...the pole you sure get is the one you can afford. So much affects grip. Climate, skin, your pole space. Just know that for the most part you can find a grip aid that will help you with any pole finish. The most common finishes I hear people complain about are chrome (but I think most buy chrome to start) and powder coated. I have every finish and love brass the most, then powder coated, SS, TG and last chrome. I have dry to normal skin and have lived in humid, cold, dry and hot climates. Brass and PC have been the most consistent.
25 days ago
Hi everybody. Thanks so much for all your input. I've decided to go for a stainless steel, after all the replies I've had and your help too and videos. I'll let you all know how it goes! :)
24 days ago
After 2 months of struggling with improving my flexibility I've started 30 days to flexy and I've noticed that I can do deeper front spilt at day 10! Thank you Veena.
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