Beginner Exercises to Strengthen Thigh Grip?

sednaspirit Paid Member
Hi folks! I'm a relative beginner and can't master the pole sit yet. For some reason, I'm making more progress with plank. I suppose I find it easier to squeeze when my legs are extended, but I can tell my main issue with the sit is that I need to squeeze more with my thighs. What exercises can I do to strengthen that grip when I'm not actively practicing a pole sit?

Also, beyond tipping the hips, are there any other tips that helped you achieve a pole sit?
Apr 26, 2021
Hi! It really is not so much about squeezing the thighs as tipping the hip. If you're having trouble tipping one hip down you might want to work on things like Hip waves []

There should be a noticeable angle of one hip up and one hip down, if you can't really see it than keep practicing. Squeezing the thighs is not nearly as important. Also you will not be able to do sits if your legs are not tacky or if they're too sweaty.

As a beginner working on the 30 day take off program or the beginner level 1 program will help you build strength in all areas :)

Here is where you'll find individual strength lessons [] anything that lists the inner thighs/abductors as MGU (muscle groups used) will strength the inner thigh.
Apr 27, 2021
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Maybe try a peter pan sit, where you bring the shoulders around the pole, this gives you an additional contact grip. Plus try (no-handed) crucifix and twisted crucifix, these are thigh grip moves too
Apr 29, 2021
Watching your videos not only makes me fall deeper inlove with pole they also makes me want to be the healthiest strongest woman I can be.
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