Anyone in SF Bay Area with a Powder Coat Pole I can try?

I am considering buying a powder coated pole and selling my chrome pole, or getting my current pole powder coated. My hands are small and I've been poling on and off for like 2 years and have had very little improvement due to my poor grip. Yes, I have tried every grip aid you can think of it, and it helps, but I need to really good grip to get the confidence I need to do more tricks to build some strength.

I know a few of you guys live in the Bay Area do you know of any studios that have a powder coat pole or does anyone have one at home that they'd let me come over and touch/test before I commit to getting one for myself?

I live in Oakland, but I can get to pretty much anywhere in the bay area. Thanks in advance!
Jan 8, 2017
I've got two! One is the xpole black pc and the other is by Lil was our branded studioveena pole, so it's purple. Both are 45 mm poles. Let me know of you'd like to come try them!
Jan 8, 2017
Serzi Previous Paid Member
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