Hello!! Newbie here!!


Hello every1! My name is Tori and I just got my  very own pole.  Now the only experience that I have with poles is watching the girls at the club use them, other than that, I have no idea.  Any and all advice would be soo appreicated!  Like, do I need anything other than just my pole??  Like anything to put on the pole to keep me from slipping and hitting my head or can I use it without something like that.  What should I clean my pole with?  I have a very nice one and would like to keep it like that.  What move should I start out with trying to learn?  Are there basic moves to learn first?  LOL Im soo excited!!!
Jul 25, 2012
Eden Body

Welcome Tori! Can't go wrong with Veena's lessons. Other than that I can't offer much knowledge cuz I'm in the same boat as you.
Jul 25, 2012
I've been poleing for 5 months and I regret not buying Studio Veena's online lessons. The coniditioning and flexibility are worth the sub by themselves. I used to think all of the other girls were just being hardcore veena fans (nothing wrong with that :p ) when they talked about buying her lessons. I could have honestly prevented a ripped rotator cuff and tennis elbow if I just watched her lessons the day I started pole. That, and she shows me things other instructors wouldn't have.

Most dancers use just rubbing alcohol to clean their pole, others use pole cleaners, some makes their own with white vinegar.

There are many grip aids. You just have to find one you like. There's rock climbing chalk, mighty grip, dry hands....even a beeswax grip aid! :3 finding one that works for you is important.
Jul 25, 2012

Hi I take pole lessons at a studio and also am signed up for SV lessons! I think you would highly benefit from getting the SV lessons, they are pretty awesome and the lessons go in order, so you gain strength as you learn which is AWESOME. And she's all about safety and correct arm, hand & leg placement when executing moves, which is important especially as someone new to pole.

Also on most moves, Veena shows you 2-3 ways to get into it, which is pretty helpful (at the studio I go to they dont even do this!) especially when you are struggling with a move. It is so worth the $20 a month!
Jul 25, 2012
darling dearest

Hi Tori, welcome! :D You'll probably find yourself buying all sorts of things for pole down the line, but as a beginner you should be getting yourself aquainted to the pole. I had no idea my hands were so sweaty until I started working on tricks!

It's important to listen to all safety instruction given and to be aware of your own limits. There are some things that you may find yourself unable to do, or are unsure of. It's good to exercise caution and work on building strength and good technique. You might want to invest in a crash mat once you start working on more advanced moves, especially if you aren't working with a spotter. If you are working from home, Veena's lessons would be really great to learn from. Like calipolepixie, I use them as a supplement to my studio lessons for things I need extra work on so I can learn at my own pace. :)
Jul 25, 2012
Sunshine Goddess

Hi Tori,

I highly recommend Veena's lessons and if you can complement with studio lessons that's fine, but you definately will progress quickly if you follow the lessons here!
Jul 26, 2012

Jul 26, 2012

Ooo thank you for all the help guys! I think I will def. be signing up for the site since Im scared to buy a video, I mean a video is just a video.  I think I could get a lot more help here. I wish I could do studio lessons but the only studio that offers this is 2 1/2 hour drive one way for me.  If I have to I will, since its only a 6 week class..but I would really rather not have to drive all that time.  Crash mat eh?  That sounds like somthing I would need....blonde here...major blonde...no offese ladies, but Im super book smart, but other than that, Im totally clueless and oo so clumsy!!

Thank you my new peeps!!

Jul 26, 2012
I am so glad I found Studio Veena! It's like having an amazing instructor right here with you at home at all times, I absolutely love the way she explains things and her videos are so clear it's easy to see what I'm supposed to be doing. Thank you Veena!!
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