To Our Amazing Members,

In the coming weeks you will see us completely separate StudioVeena.Com from Facebook. This will include deleting the Facebook login on our website, our Facebook group and our Facebook page.

If you previously used Facebook to login

While many companies have made the decision, recently, to #deletefacebook based on the privacy issues that have recently surfaced regarding facebook. For us these issues are only the tip of the iceberg.

Facebook is increasingly related to challenges we experience in society and as a business we are choosing to separate ourselves from these problems.

At StudioVeena.Com we encourage you to remember there is a real world out there with real friends who need real time with you. Remember that these friends may have opposing ideals but it is our differences that make us strong. Remember that it doesn't take any effort or create any value to press a like button but it takes real fortitude to recognize someone for their value and shake there hand and tell them how they improved your life. Remember that its not the number of friends but the quality of relationship that matters.

MOST OF ALL remember technology should enhance your life, not rule it. There was a day when a photographer would judge carefully if it was worth detracting from their current experience to take a photo, now we live our lives through a lens in our pocket. Your life has value without a like button and regardless of whether anyone else sees the photos.


Julie and Chris Brand

This is the greatest site on the internet. Honestly, your lessons have done so much to improve my form and technique that I could never thank you enough. You're awesome.
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