Aerial Amy Workshops in Dallas Sept. 8th 2012

Dallas, Texas, US
Sat, Sep 8th 2012
Calling all Texas Polers!! We are THRILLED to bring Aerial Amy to North Dallas for 3 amazing workshops on Saturday, September 8th.

Questions? Call us! 203-ZEN-SUAL

:))) We are SOOO excited!!

Polished Pole: Inverts, climbs, descents, and transitions
1:00-2:30p $50

These are some of the fundamentals of intermediate and advanced pole work, and this class is all about making even the simplest of these moves look clean, polished, and beautiful by improving technique and utilizing the right muscle groups to do the work, saving your energy for the fancy stuff! Learn a ton of pointers and conditioning moves that you can incorporate into every pole practice so that your inverts are effortless, and we’ll go over fabulous spinning descents and climbs to add to your repertoire as well as combos you can work from the ground. Students should be very comfortable with their basic controlled invert and working towards (or already have) a solid chopper invert.

Sexy Stiletto Chair
5:15-6:45p $50
Strap on those heels (don’t leave home without them!), let your hair down, and get ready to do some hair tosses! This workshop focuses on moving from a chair, to the ground, and everywhere in between. Start with a down and dirty warm up and then let the sex kitten out to play through a series of hot flows that will give you new elements and transitions to play with. Appropriate for all levels.

Nemesis tricks
3:30-5:00p $50
This class focuses on nailing your nemesis trick or something on your wishlist! I’ll troubleshoot what’s going wrong with a move that’s almost there, transitions in/out of a new move you want to incorporate into a flow, or give you a progression to work on to accomplish your goals. If left to my own devices, I will teach my favorite combos =)
**All participants, please write us at with a 2-3 moves that you would like Amy to cover.


Naomi Levellie Previous Paid Member
I absolutely love the way you teach!!!! Thank you ❤️ I am growing better every single time I am learning with you! And I just love this move! Talent.
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