what do i do when i cant poledance? <|3

Jul 13, 2016
So, i been dumped. By The person Who meant The World to Me.. Its a year ago. All This time i had a baaaaaad feeling about a Girl in his work place. Shes been his best friend since our relationship started being bad... I'm the one who noticed him being weird, I'm the one to bring up the conversation. I'm the one who moved. I'm the one sneeking on her instagram seeing all the little punches she's been giving me there.like, Drinking from my glasses and cups (I own a disturbing cool range of these), eating stawbeeys and drinkin whine- on my verandah. Spending my kind of special days with him.. Making shure I would se that she is with him.we been over for a year.. I talked to him alot of times regarding her and what I thought. He would say she's like a close friend, he's in a bad place. She was the only one to talk to... Bla bla bla.. A cuple of days ago he met me, to tell me he was seeing someone... And it was her.. I died. She destroyed my 11 year long relationship and now he is holding her in his arms... He should be mad at her! Holding me. But he just wont se what a cunt she is... He is a really sweet hones person. Kinda blind.. He promises they newer were nothing but friends until this may.. He is true. I know him. He is not a cheating person.. He would die. Literally.. He just refuses to se that she had this plan al along! I just don't know what to do with my life.. I was ready to marry him.. I hate her. The only thing making things better is to pole dance. Its kind of like a valium. I can relax. Not think and just enjoy. I was at a fysio therapist yesterday. And I have like an inflammation in my muscles and I am not alowed to do any workout.. If I don't get to dance soon. I think I'm going to die. Its the only thing I have.. She's everything. Pretty, skinny, fit, cute. I got vitiligo and alopecia.. And pole... And now I can't even do that. I can't even do a hand stand now... It's shit. I need people to understand. They are all just like. Just take som months off.. Should I just tell them to not breathe for a couple of months? I don't like telling people I'm sad. It's just now.. I don't know what to do anymore..
AllysonKendal**hugs** I don't have a tremendous amount of advice. I can give you the whole "you don't want to be with anyone who doesn't realize how special you are" "he doesn't deserve you" and all of that... But you know those things.

I'm sorry you're going through this. Heartache is awful. 💕

I'm not sure what you injured but maybe you can find a way to work on other things. Like floorwork and fluidity.
Jul 14, 2016
dustbunny Paid MemberSorry you are feeling sad now. Things will get better but it's so hard when we can't dance it out! Sending you *hugs* and internet 💖.
Jul 15, 2016
GenaI am so sorry. It sucks so bad. Nothing anyone can say will make it better so I won't try to say anything trite and overused. I will simply ask if there is something else that you can do do take your mind off things. Hiking? Dancing with no pole, just moving to a mirror? Anything...Not being able to dance right now has tied your hands, but you are strong and beautiful, you just need to find something else to untie them with.
Thinking about you here and sending you love. Hoping the heartache doesn't last too long.
Jul 16, 2016
IngridThanx all :) ill try to do some butt exersises i Think. Hehe. And just try do ceep my selfe buzzie :-p
Jul 16, 2016
Runemist34I've been there. If you dig through some of my old blogs, you'll see, about four years ago my marriage fell apart, because of another girl. I refer to her now as a "homewrecker," because that's what she is. But, I also realize that my ex-husband had gone along with it, he had allowed his feelings for me to pass, to die, and had gone along with her on their little fantasy. It's been four years since that lengthy, six-month breakup full of heartache and torture. They technically "got together" while we were still married, and he flipped back and forth between me and her for a while.
I never felt jealous of his friends, male or female, but she definitely had other motives, and she did tell me that (we were "friends" for a short time). Otherwise, I would not presume to know what was in her mind, and I would place the blame on him alone. Really, though, it was both of them.
Let me tell you now: Do not look at what she posts. Don't seek her out, do not look at her pictures. Block her. You don't need that kind of pain in your life, and it is no longer something that you are involved in. Do yourself the favour, and stop this self-torture. Seriously, I did the same thing, and ending it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
I would also be wary of continuing to talk to him. If his words, presence, or current situation causes you pain, then keep it to a minimum, if not completely gone altogether. I realize this can be very painful, but you're in limbo right now- you aren't cutting that emotional tie, so you cannot move forward. Stuck, for me and many other people, means pain.
It took me a long time to get over a lot of the pain and anger of my marriage. It's been four years and... frankly, sometimes I get mad about it again. But, less now than I used to.

As for not being able to pole dance, perhaps you could focus more on a different aspect of fitness? I've found cardio to be excellent. It sucks at first, but getting out for a good run these days is amazing- it always, always makes my mood better! You could try cycling, too, or swimming. Both of those are great. I also really like yoga. You may have to be careful with yoga, because it can be a bit tough, but doing some gentle yoga where you breathe, relax, and stretch out is really nice, and can be exactly what I need when I'm feeling down.

I hope you feel better quickly, and you get back to the pole quickly!
Jul 16, 2016
VerticalVixenFuck her.
Jul 16, 2016
Ingrid<3 i Guess so. Ill try :) hehe. Not really easy but it what i need to do. :P
Jul 17, 2016
eatvegancookies Paid MemberMaybe you could pick out some new songs you want to dance to, and even jot down some choreography for when you get back on the pole? Wishing you the best through this awful time, and sending you hugs and well wishes! Talk to someone about what you're going through if you can...even if it's just us Veeners :-)
Jul 19, 2016
Cinnamon GirlI send you my strength for you to find your joy once again on the pole. Findng your inner Light and strength while you live with a broken heart is a challenge and a painful one. I understand because I have lost the love of my life too. Pole dancing is my saving grace and it can be yours too, my Friend. Hang in there and find your joy again! We can get throught this, girl:)
I find myself in a situation where I cannot put my pole up in the dwelling I live and must find an alternate way and place to put my pole up...but until I can, I miss dancing and find doing other things like floor routines and Veena's exercise instruction keeps me focused and determined to find a way...Hold on and keep dancing, Ingrid...I write you from Norway, Michigan in the United States...
Jul 25, 2016
Nov 20, 2016
TheMomNextDoor Previous Paid Member
Teaching is a true gift and Veena has it. Besides an amazing performer, she thoroughly breaks down and demonstrates each move. I love the lessons! Being online makes them super flexible. And they are so affordable! Perfect!
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