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Jan 5, 2017
Well, it's two days into being back to pole since my two week hiatus during the holidays! It's a brand new year, and I'm taking a realistic look at all my wonderful challenges, my progress, and how I seem to work so far.
If you are, or have heard of, a "slow learner," then you can certainly understand my current situation. Turns out, I'm one of those people. I've reached a pretty solid plateau at the Basic invert, and remain swinging that leg and hoping that I hook my foot. My left side remains pretty much a total miss, every time, aside from the odd fluke or two.
It's frustrating because I pole dance 4 days a week, and at least a couple of those days are dedicated to "conditioning," also known as strength training. I also work hard on my running, and do yoga often, so... I'm certainly pushing hard to get stronger!
And yet all the ladies who I followed through level 2 (learning to climb, pole sit, and some spins), and level 3 (Just getting into inverts, perfecting our climbs), and now in level 4 (actual aerial moves after the basic invert, as well as things like the Apprentice/Thigh hold/Jamilla) can all deadlift their inverts, they're starting to chopper immediately from the floor, and are getting solid in things like their Gemini and Scorpio, and sometimes, even their Superman (which I find to be extremely painful, still). And yet, I remain doing the best I can practicing the most rudimentary of basic inverts, still sometimes struggling with my chopper, and climbing on the left is still hell. The majority of these other people rarely go to any other classes, and as far as I know, this is their only exercise.
I know that it's okay to be a slow learner. I've probably told a bunch of people that they WILL get it, eventually! I know I will. It's just a little disheartening when so many other people are surpassing you, so quickly, and you work three times harder than they do.
This is also showing true of life- I have several friends, including the one who owns the pole studio itself, who are super successful. Nurses, artists, studio owners and graphics designers, all of them so happy and focused, wealthy enough to afford a house of their own, and to afford things like $1000 worth of makeup in one year "by accident." Wow.
I still try to remind myself... I have other challenges. I'm tougher than this. I will get it eventually.

Funny how you have the echos of life in the large and the small, eh?

Anyways, for my pole goals, I'm going to draw it back a LITTLE BIT, because I realized I don't want to plow forward all willy-nilly and forget to perfect things! So...
1) A solid basic invert, on both sides. Preferably a deadlift invert, but I won't be disappointed if that takes a little longer than a year.
2) Easy and comfortable use of the Chopper position, both sides. I would love to have this so solid that I don't even have to think about it!
3) Solid Gemini/Scorpio. I'd like to transition in and out well, on both sides, and be pretty comfortable with these positions.

My stretch goals...
1) Deadlift invert, if possible! On both sides. I work hard, dammit.
2) Inverted hip hold, solid on both sides.
3) Jasmine, solid on both sides, with the top hand coming off the pole (it looks like a thigh hold, but the top leg uses a knee-pit grip)
4) Superman. Just... at all. It fucking hurts right now.

I would also love to see more from my flexibility, which... I mean, I am already! I'm super surprised to see how much more flexibility I'm getting. I'm still having to fight myself pretty hard to actually do it (especially since I don't want to go through the challenge of warming up if it's not a running day), but I expected that! Upper back flexibility sucks though. Like, SUCKS!

Anyways, that's that. I'm taking it slow and trying to recognize my limitations. If I meet these goals this year, then... fantastic! If I surpass them? Phenomenal! I'll learn a lot from the challenge of them, anyways!

I hope everyone is having a good time starting 2017!
AllysonKendalGreat post! YOU GOT THIS. I think you're going to nail these goals and then some. I really think these things are all within your reach.
Jan 6, 2017
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid MemberHell yeah!!! I'm happy to hear how hard you're working and how determined you are. I was the slow one in my class. I worked my ass off! I also enjoyed working hard for it, and that is the most important part. To find joy in doing the work without too much of an expectation of the outcome. It will come. Anyways, others were passing me up in classes. I struggled with everything. I proof that slow learners can kick ass. Also, I had zero flexibility when I started 3 years ago. Couldn't even touch my toes. Keep working for it. You will surprise yourself with your progress pretty soon. And sometimes things do t happen in the order you expect them. so be flexible if you hit other goals you didn't even think of. You will surprise yourself. :) consistency is key. And enjoy the work you put into it. Victory is gonna be so sweet.
Jan 6, 2017
Runemist34Aww, thanks ladies! I keep having to remind myself that a year is a LONG TIME! Maybe I'll need some extra stretch goals by the end, haha ;) I'm really starting to figure out how to plan my workouts for open studio time and such, though, and I think that will really help! Also getting a bit more grip. It's been a super cold, dry winter here, and grip is suffering all around!
Jan 6, 2017
Little Swift Paid MemberEnjoying your blog and cheering you on!
Jan 6, 2017
Silver Sylph Previous Paid Member
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