Pole Checklist August 2017

33barbwire Paid Member
Aug 16, 2017
Checking off a few things from my April list.

**1. Inverted crucifix
2. Elbow stands
**3. Tuck inverts
**4. Mobility routines
*5. Flag variations!
6. Aerial body waves
*7. Leg hangs
*8. 30 day flow program
9. 30 day flexy program
*10. CKR/CAR

Items with ** are items I consider checked off, yay! With a lot of work, my inverts are pretty consistent now, and I can even let go with my hands to make an inverted crucifix. I've gotten a lot better with utilizing Veena's mobility routines at the end of my strength workouts.

Items with * are in progress. Flag variations are pretty tough, but I'm slowly building the strength I need. Started training gemini, and it's off to a good start! I'm supplementing my strength workouts with the 30 Day Flow program. Unfortunately, despite all my best efforts with retraining my CKR and advanced plank, a lot of times I'm just TOO SWEATY! Even if I slather some Dry Hands on my inner/back of my thighs...it's called Dry Hands, not Dry Gluteal Fold. It only lasts for one attempt each side before I have to reapply. But to my excitement, I learned by surprise I can do a remi sit! I feel much more secure and I'll be de-prioritizing CKR/CAR and training for remi layback instead.

To work toward and achieve the goals above, I think I hit my stride with a plan that's 5 workouts per "week" (sometimes daily plans change and it might take more like 8-9 days to complete a 5 workout cycle). I alternate 90min strength/skill sessions with 60min freestyle/flow sessions. I don't always fill up the whole 90/60min, but that's the time I budget for the workout, stretching, and recording videos for IG if I want. :) This is working out pretty well, and I'll adapt a different version of this for my next goals.

ALSO - BIG NEWS! I'm committing to my first performance! The studio where I've been taking contemporary and burlesque and where I'm about to start teaching a beginner level pole class, also does burlesque shows and I'll be performing a pole routine in the Halloween show!

So, my new goals for now through late October include preparing the most stunning performance I can, and I couldn't be more stoked for it!

August 2017 Checklist:

1. Halloween burlesque routine - keep tricks/combos easy enough that I can make them pretty
2. Continue invert practice
3. Continue leg hang training
4. Continue 30 day flow (OR - study Veena's combos and flow videos on IG)
5. Elbow stands
6. Continue flag variation training
7. Aerial body waves
8. Remi sit/remi layback
9. Lesson plans for beginner class at dance studio
10. Generate some of my own combo drills

Not quite sure yet what I'm doing for my performance training, but I tried a simple and exhausting drill this week. For the duration of a 4min song, I got in as many climbs as I could. Left and right basic climbs, side climbs. Tell you what, nothing has ever had me pouring sweat in 4min like that!
Neesy118 Paid MemberWow! Your goals are inspiration! Good luck with everything you have going on!!! I need to make a goal must as well!
Aug 16, 2017
StrangeFox Paid MemberCongrats on the items you've checked off! (Tuck invert is on my pole goals list... it feels like it'll never happen!) Good luck on everything, and kudos for signing up for a Halloween performance! Do you know what song you're dancing to yet?

I was laughing my ass off when I read "it's called dry hands not dry gluteal folds" ...'cause I slather my butt in dry hands whenever I do CKR and I've experienced similar results on my super sweaty days. :D Thanks for sharing!
Aug 17, 2017
33barbwire Paid Member@Neesy118 and @StrangeFox - y'all are so sweet, thanks!

Good luck with your tuck inverts! I wanna hear about it when it happens! :)

So far, I'm planning on being a sexy grim reaper and using "Kill of the Night" by Gin Wigmore. I picked up a bone/skull scythe yesterday, and I'm gonna dress it up with some glitter. I was thinking about training on heels enough to perform on them, but I'm just too scared of messing that up. Barefoot it is!
Aug 17, 2017
StrangeFox Paid MemberI love that song! Be sure to post some videos/pics from your performance!! I'll post a video of my tuck invert when it finally happens. :D I'm so close... just need to get a little stronger! I know how you feel about heels. Just bought my first pair of Pleasers and I'm terrified of rolling my ankle.
Aug 18, 2017
33barbwire Paid Member@StrangeFox, are you on the fb group? I had asked in there for some ankle conditioning advice, and I've been working through the suggestions people gave. I'm not very consistent on my ankle training yet, but the suggestions have been a great help so far! (Hope the link works)

Aug 18, 2017
StrangeFox Paid MemberNope! I'm still not on facebook, but maybe I should be. I'm bad for rolling my ankle and would love to condition them! Even for my split training I'm finding my ankles are giving me some trouble.
Aug 19, 2017
33barbwire Paid Member@StrangeFox, if you weren't able to see that link, here's one that was posted in the comments:


Other suggestions included Veena's foot exercises, single leg deadlifts, ankle stretches, and I've also found heel plie' squats help too.

Though, I'll add that nothing helps me more than just WEARING THE HEELS. My sister calls it stiletto stir fry when I wear them to cook my dinner and just do a little footwork while I'm cooking, lol
Aug 22, 2017
StrangeFox Paid MemberThank you 33barbwire!! I have added that page to my favorites! Those are all great tips! :) I love the idea of cooking dinner in heels...that is one fun, sexy way to cook! I might have to have a stiletto stir fry night of my own. I'm re-taking a level in my pole classes, so maybe in some of the classes where I've already got the moves solid I'll wear my heels and see how it goes. Haha!
Aug 23, 2017
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