Pole Checklist April 2017

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Apr 16, 2017
Welp, I started the year dead set on getting a consistent invert, and here I define that as getting onto the pole and feeling confident enough in my grip to let go with my hands. So, I guess what I really want to nail is inverted crucifix. I'm almost there! I can let go sometimes, but more often than not, my thighs' grip doesn't feel safe enough to let go. Wow so sweat many slippery

At day 14 of participation in the #svaprilabs2 challenge, this is the farthest I've gone in any challenge, and I plan on finishing it, even if some of the days will be a little late. :) Of course I'm hoping to score some KMKs, and of course I'm enjoying connecting with other polers (thanks for the kind comments and all those hearts!), but what's probably the most valuable to me in this challenge is picking out some new things to focus on and give me direction.

In the coming months, here are things I'm interested in for building strength, flow, etc.:

1. Inverted crucifix
2. Elbow stands
3. Tuck inverts
4. Mobility routines
5. Flag variations!
6. Aerial body waves
7. Leg hangs
8. 30 day flow program
9. 30 day flexy program

For the last couple weeks, I've started opening my warmup with flow drills before getting into some strength work, and really enjoying it! After strength segment, I'm trying to always work on basic invert. More than anything, I just need to get accustomed enough to being upside down that I'm less afraid of it. Sometimes, I'll also do something to condition my skin where I feel pinched, like pole sit, elbow grip, reverse handstand pushups, figurehead, etc. When I feel like there's time, or if I don't feel like a "real workout," I'll freestyle 2-3 songs and call it good. When I finish off with stretching, I'll easily spend 20min stretching whether I really planned on that long or not.

With the challenge expanding my pole horizons, it gives me more ideas for ways to structure my pole session, what exercises to do for my strength segments, and structured ways to feel less structure and more fluid...if that makes sense to anyone but me. ;)
VeenaSounds like a great plan to me!!
Apr 16, 2017
Lara von Mondberg
Pole dance and StudioVeena changed my life. I become stronger, more confident, more flexible and I found great friends. The lessons are extremely helpful. I am so grateful for this awesome experience!
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